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Merge additional changes from electrolysis and mozilla-central into the electrolysis-plugins-only tracking branch.

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#include <os2.h>

// Splash screen dialog ID.
#define IDD_SPLASH  100

// Splash screen bitmap ID.
#define IDB_SPLASH  101


    DIALOG "", IDD_SPLASH, 0, 0, 390, 261, , FCF_BORDER

//BITMAP IDB_SPLASH "splash.bmp"

#include "wdgtos2rc.h"

POINTER IDC_SELECTANCHOR   "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\select.ptr"
POINTER IDC_GRAB           "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\grab.ptr"
POINTER IDC_GRABBING       "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\grabbing.ptr"
POINTER IDC_CELL           "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\cell.ptr"
POINTER IDC_COPY           "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\copy.ptr"
POINTER IDC_ALIAS          "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\aliasb.ptr"
POINTER IDC_ZOOMIN         "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\zoom_in.ptr"
POINTER IDC_ZOOMOUT        "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\zoom_out.ptr"

POINTER IDC_ARROWWAIT      "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\arrow_wait.ptr"
POINTER IDC_CROSS          "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\crosshair.ptr"
POINTER IDC_HELP           "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\help.ptr"
POINTER IDC_NONE           "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\none.ptr"

ICON    IDC_DNDURL         "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\dndurl.ico"
ICON    IDC_DNDTEXT        "..\\..\\widget\\src\\os2\\res\\dndtext.ico"