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/* nsJARInputStream.h
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 * ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** */

#ifndef nsJARINPUTSTREAM_h__
#define nsJARINPUTSTREAM_h__

#include "nsIInputStream.h"
#include "nsJAR.h"

 * Class nsJARInputStream declaration. This class defines the type of the
 * object returned by calls to nsJAR::GetInputStream(filename) for the
 * purpose of reading a file item out of a JAR file. 
class nsJARInputStream : public nsIInputStream
    nsJARInputStream() : 
        mFd(nsnull), mInSize(0), mCurPos(0),
        mClosed(PR_FALSE), mInflate(nsnull), mDirectory(0) { }
    ~nsJARInputStream() { Close(); }

    // takes ownership of |fd|, even on failure
    nsresult InitFile(nsZipArchive* aZip, nsZipItem *item, PRFileDesc *fd);

    nsresult InitDirectory(nsZipArchive* aZip,
                           const nsACString& aJarDirSpec,
                           const char* aDir);
    PRFileDesc*   mFd;              // My own file handle, for reading
    PRUint32      mInSize;          // Size in original file 
    PRUint32      mCurPos;          // Current position in input 

    struct InflateStruct {
        PRUint32      mOutSize;     // inflated size 
        PRUint32      mInCrc;       // CRC as provided by the zipentry
        PRUint32      mOutCrc;      // CRC as calculated by me
        z_stream      mZs;          // zip data structure
        unsigned char mReadBuf[ZIP_BUFLEN]; // Readbuffer to inflate from
    struct InflateStruct *   mInflate;

    /* For directory reading */
    nsZipArchive*           mZip;        // the zipReader
    PRUint32                mNameLen; // length of dirname
    nsCAutoString           mBuffer;  // storage for generated text of stream
    PRUint32                mArrPos;  // current position within mArray
    nsCStringArray          mArray;   // array of names in (zip) directory

    PRPackedBool    mDirectory;
    PRPackedBool    mClosed;          // Whether the stream is closed

    nsresult ContinueInflate(char* aBuf, PRUint32 aCount, PRUint32* aBytesRead);
    nsresult ReadDirectory(char* aBuf, PRUint32 aCount, PRUint32* aBytesRead);
    PRUint32 CopyDataToBuffer(char* &aBuffer, PRUint32 &aCount);

#endif /* nsJARINPUTSTREAM_h__ */