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Tue, 11 Sep 2018 15:35:36 +0200
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Bug 1490012 - FlushPendingMediaFeatureValuesChanged can kill the PresShell. r=xidorn It can flush the parent document from MediaQueryList::RecomputeMatches, which can destroy our pres context. I think that flush is wrong btw, it should probably either flush layout so the viewport size is correct, or just not flush (we should make MediaList::Matches take a document now that we don't need a pres context to match media queries, but that requires a bit more refactoring). Differential Revision:

load 105619-1.html
load 187671-1.html
load 192408-1.html
load 285727-1.html
load 286707-1.html
load 317561-1.html
load 330998-1.html
load 363950.html
load 368175-1.html
load 368740.html
load 379788-1.html
load 383979-1.xhtml
load 383979-2.html
load 386939-1.html
load 391034-1.xhtml
load 397022-1.html
load 399289-1.svg
load 404470-1.html
load 411603-1.html
load 412588-1.html
load 413274-1.xhtml
load 416461-1.xul
load 418007-1.xhtml
load 431705-1.xul
load 432561-1.html
load 437170-1.html
load 437532-1.html
skip-if(Android&&isDebugBuild) load 439184-1.html # Bug 1411522
load 444237-1.html
load 444848-1.html
load 447776-1.html
load 447783-1.html
load 448161-1.html
load 448161-2.html
load 452150-1.xhtml
load 456196.html
load 460209-1.html
load 460217-1.html
load 460323-1.html
load 466845-1.html
load 469432-1.xhtml
load 472195-1.html
load 472237-1.html # will fail, test for leak (474704)
HTTP(..) load 472237-1.html
load 473720-1.html
load 473892-1.html
load 473914-1.html
load 474377-1.xhtml
load 478321-1.xhtml
load 481557.html
load 495269-1.html
load 495269-2.html
load 498036-1.html
load 509155-1.html
load 509156-1.html
load 509569-1.html
load 512851-1.xhtml
load 524252-1.html
load 536789-1.html
load 539613-1.xhtml
load 558943-1.xhtml
load 559491.html
load 565248-1.html
load 571105-1.xhtml
load 573127-1.html
load 575464-1.html
load 580685.html
load 585185-1.html
load 588627-1.html
load 592698-1.html
load 601437-1.html
load 601439-1.html
load 605689-1.html
load 611922-1.html
load 612213.html
load 621596-1.html
load 622314-1.xhtml
load 635153.html
load 637242.xhtml
load 645142.html
load 652976-1.svg
load 653675.html
load 665209-1.html
load 671799-1.html
load 671799-2.html
load 690990-1.html
load 694775.html
load 696188-1.html
load 696869-1.html
load 700116.html
load 729126-1.html
load 729126-2.html
load 786108-1.html
load 786108-2.html
load 788836.html
load 806310-1.html
load 809762.html
load 812824.html
load 822766-1.html
load 822877.html
load 827220.html
load 827591-1.html
load 829817.html
load 842134.html
load 861489-1.html
load 862113.html
load 867487.html
load 873222.html
load 873260-1.html
load 873260-2.html
load 880862.html
load 894245-1.html
load 915440.html
load 927734-1.html
load 930270-1.html
load 930270-2.html
load 945048-1.html
load 972199-1.html
load 989965-1.html
load 992333-1.html
pref(dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled,true) load 1017798-1.html
load 1028514-1.html
load 1066089-1.html
load 1074651-1.html
load 1135534.html
pref(dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled,true) load 1089463-1.html
load 1136010-1.html
load 1146101-1.html
load 1153693-1.html
load 1156969.svg
load 1161320-1.html
pref(dom.animations-api.getAnimations.enabled,true) load 1161320-2.html
load 1161366-1.html
load 1163446-1.html
load 1164813-1.html
load 1167782-1.html
load 1186768-1.xhtml
load 1200568-1.html
load 1206105-1.html
load 1223688-1.html
load 1223694-1.html
load 1226400-1.html
load 1227498.html
load 1227501-1.html
load 1228789-1.html
load 1230408-1.html
load 1233135-1.html
load 1233135-2.html
# load 1236398.xhtml bug 1467917
load 1238660-1.html
load 1245260-1.html
load 1247865-1.html
load 1250791.html
load 1264396-1.html
load 1264949.html
# The following test relies on -webkit-text-fill-color being behind the
# layout.css.prefixes.webkit pref
pref(layout.css.prefixes.webkit,false) load 1265611-1.html
load 1270795.html
load 1275026.html
load 1278463-1.html
pref(dom.animations-api.getAnimations.enabled,true) load 1277908-1.html
load 1277908-2.html
load 1282076-1.html
load 1282076-2.html
load 1290994-1.html
load 1290994-2.html
load 1290994-3.html
load 1290994-4.html
load 1314531.html
load 1315889-1.html
load 1315894-1.html
load 1319072-1.html
HTTP load 1320423-1.html
load 1321357-1.html
load 1328535-1.html
load 1331272.html
HTTP load 1333001-1.html
pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) pref(dom.animations-api.implicit-keyframes.enabled,true) load 1340344.html
load 1342316-1.html
load 1344210.html
load 1356601-1.html
load 1364139-1.html
load 1370793-1.xhtml
skip-if(Android) load 1371450-1.html
load 1374175-1.html
load 1375812-1.html
load 1377053-1.html
load 1377256-1.html
load 1378064-1.html
load 1378814.html
load 1380800.html
load link-transition-before.html
load 1381420-1.html
load 1381682.html
load 1382672.html
load 1382710.html
pref(dom.animations-api.compositing.enabled,true) pref(dom.animations-api.implicit-keyframes.enabled,true) load 1383493-1.html
load 1383001.html
load 1383001-2.html
load 1383319.html
pref(dom.animations-api.implicit-keyframes.enabled,true) load 1383589-1.html
load 1383975.html
load border-image-visited-link.html
load content-only-on-link-before.html
load content-only-on-visited-before.html
load font-face-truncated-src.html
load large_border_image_width.html
load link-transition-before.html
load long-url-list-stack-overflow.html
load 1383981.html
load 1383981-2.html
load 1383981-3.html
load 1384824-1.html
load 1384824-2.html
load 1386773.html
load 1387481-1.html
load 1387499.html
load 1388234.html
load 1391577.html
load 1393189.html
pref(dom.animations-api.implicit-keyframes.enabled,true) load 1393580.html
load 1389645.html
load 1390726.html
load 1393791.html
load 1384232.html
load 1395725.html
load 1396041.html
pref(dom.animations-api.implicit-keyframes.enabled,true) pref(dom.animations-api.compositing.enabled,true) load 1397363-1.html
load 1397439-1.html
load 1395719.html
load 1397091.html
load 1398479.html
load 1398581.html
load 1399006.html
load 1399546.html
load 1400035.html
load 1400325.html
load 1400926.html
load 1400936-1.html
load 1400936-2.html
pref(dom.animations-api.implicit-keyframes.enabled,true) load 1401256.html
load 1401692.html
load 1401706.html
load 1401801.html
load 1401825.html
load 1402218-1.html
load 1402366.html
load 1402419.html
load 1402472.html
load 1403028.html
load 1403433.html
load 1403465.html
load 1403592.html
load 1403615.html
load 1403712.html
load 1404180-1.html
load 1404316.html
load 1406222-1.html
load 1406222-2.html
load 1404324-1.html
load 1404324-2.html
load 1404324-3.html
load 1404057.html
load 1405880.html
load 1409502.html
load 1409931.html
load 1410226-1.html
load 1410226-2.html
load 1411008.html
load 1411143.html
load 1411478.html
load 1413288.html
load 1413361.html
load 1413670.html
pref(dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled,true) load 1415353.html
load 1418059.html
test-pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) test-pref(dom.animations-api.implicit-keyframes.enabled,true) pref(dom.animations-api.getAnimations.enabled,true) load 1418867.html
pref(dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled,true) load 1419554.html
load 1426312.html
load 1439793.html
load 1409183.html
pref(dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled,true) load 1445682.html
pref(dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled,true) load 1449243.html
load 1450691.html
pref(dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled,true) load 1453206.html
load 1454140.html
load 1455108.html
load 1457288.html
load 1457985.html
pref(dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled,true) load 1468640.html
load 1469076.html
load 1475003.html
load 1479681.html
load 1490012.html