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Bug 685934 - prevent unnecessary redownloading of build between tests, a=testonly, DONTBUILD

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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

import optparse, os, re, sys
from cStringIO import StringIO

import ipdl

def log(minv, fmt, *args):
    if _verbosity >= minv:
        print fmt % args

# process command line

op = optparse.OptionParser(usage='ipdl.py [options] IPDLfiles...')
op.add_option('-I', '--include', dest='includedirs', default=[ ],
              help='Additional directory to search for included protocol specifications')
op.add_option('-v', '--verbose', dest='verbosity', default=1, action='count',
              help='Verbose logging (specify -vv or -vvv for very verbose logging)')
op.add_option('-q', '--quiet', dest='verbosity', action='store_const', const=0,
              help="Suppress logging output")
op.add_option('-d', '--outheaders-dir', dest='headersdir', default='.',
              help="""Directory into which C++ headers will be generated.
A protocol Foo in the namespace bar will cause the headers
  dir/bar/Foo.h, dir/bar/FooParent.h, and dir/bar/FooParent.h
to be generated""")
op.add_option('-o', '--outcpp-dir', dest='cppdir', default='.',
              help="""Directory into which C++ sources will be generated
A protocol Foo in the namespace bar will cause the sources
  cppdir/FooParent.cpp, cppdir/FooChild.cpp
to be generated""")

options, files = op.parse_args()
_verbosity = options.verbosity
headersdir = options.headersdir
cppdir = options.cppdir
includedirs = [ os.path.abspath(incdir) for incdir in options.includedirs ]

if not len(files):
    op.error("No IPDL files specified")

log(2, 'Generated C++ headers will be generated relative to "%s"', headersdir)
log(2, 'Generated C++ sources will be generated in "%s"', cppdir)

allprotocols = []

def normalizedFilename(f):
    if f == '-':
        return '<stdin>'
    return f

# First pass: parse and type-check all protocols
for f in files:
    log(1, os.path.basename(f))
    filename = normalizedFilename(f)
    if f == '-':
        fd = sys.stdin
        fd = open(f)

    specstring = fd.read()

    ast = ipdl.parse(specstring, filename, includedirs=includedirs)
    if ast is None:
        print >>sys.stderr, 'Specification could not be parsed.'

    log(2, 'checking types')
    if not ipdl.typecheck(ast):
        print >>sys.stderr, 'Specification is not well typed.'

    if _verbosity > 2:
        log(3, '  pretty printed code:')
        ipdl.genipdl(ast, codedir)

# Second pass: generate code
for f in files:
    # Read from parser cache
    filename = normalizedFilename(f)
    ast = ipdl.parse(None, filename, includedirs=includedirs)
    ipdl.gencxx(filename, ast, headersdir, cppdir)
    allprotocols.append('%sMsgStart' % ast.protocol.name)


ipcmsgstart = StringIO()

print >>ipcmsgstart, """
// CODE GENERATED by ipdl.py. Do not edit.

#ifndef IPCMessageStart_h
#define IPCMessageStart_h

enum IPCMessageStart {

for name in allprotocols:
    print >>ipcmsgstart, "  %s," % name

print >>ipcmsgstart, """

COMPILE_ASSERT(LastMsgIndex <= 65536, need_to_update_IPC_MESSAGE_MACRO);

#endif // ifndef IPCMessageStart_h

                     os.path.join(headersdir, 'IPCMessageStart.h'))