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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMWindow;

[scriptable, uuid(1B406E32-CF42-471E-A470-6FD600BF4C7B)]
interface nsIDeviceMotionData : nsISupports
  const unsigned long TYPE_ACCELERATION = 0;
  const unsigned long TYPE_ORIENTATION = 1;

  readonly attribute unsigned long type;

  readonly attribute double x;
  readonly attribute double y;
  readonly attribute double z;

[scriptable, uuid(f01774a2-3b7e-4630-954b-196dc178221f)]
interface nsIDeviceMotionListener : nsISupports
  void onMotionChange(in nsIDeviceMotionData aMotionData);

[scriptable, uuid(B6E5C463-AAA6-44E2-BD07-7A7DC6192E68)]
interface nsIDeviceMotion : nsISupports
  void addListener(in nsIDeviceMotionListener aListener);
  void removeListener(in nsIDeviceMotionListener aListener);

  // Holds pointers, not AddRef objects -- it is up to the caller
  // to call RemoveWindowListener before the window is deleted.
  [noscript] void addWindowListener(in nsIDOMWindow aWindow);
  [noscript] void removeWindowListener(in nsIDOMWindow aWindow);


/* for use by IPC system to notify non-chrome processes of 
 * device motion events
interface nsIDeviceMotionUpdate : nsIDeviceMotion
  /* must be called on the main thread or else */
  void deviceMotionChanged(in unsigned long type, in double x, in double y, in double z);