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#include "nsISupports.idl"

typedef unsigned long long DOMTimeStamp;
typedef unsigned long long DOMTimeMilliSec;

// Core
interface nsIDOMAttr;
interface nsIDOMCDATASection;
interface nsIDOMCharacterData;
interface nsIDOMComment;
interface nsIDOMDOMImplementation;
interface nsIDOMDocument;
interface nsIDOMDocumentFragment;
interface nsIDOMDocumentType;
interface nsIDOMElement;
interface nsIDOMNSElement;
interface nsIDOMNamedNodeMap;
interface nsIDOMNode;
interface nsIDOMNodeList;
interface nsIDOMProcessingInstruction;
interface nsIDOMText;
interface nsIDOMDOMStringList;
interface nsIDOMDOMTokenList;
interface nsIDOMNameList;
interface nsIDOMClientRect;
interface nsIDOMClientRectList;

// Needed for raises() in our IDL
interface DOMException;
interface RangeException;

// Style Sheets
interface nsIDOMStyleSheetList;
interface nsIDOMLinkStyle;
interface nsIDOMStyleSheet;
interface nsIDOMMediaList;

// Base
interface nsIDOMWindow;
interface nsIDOMWindowCollection;
interface nsIDOMPlugin;
interface nsIDOMPluginArray;
interface nsIDOMMimeType;
interface nsIDOMMimeTypeArray;
interface nsIDOMBarProp;
interface nsIDOMNavigator;
interface nsIDOMScreen;
interface nsIDOMHistory;

// Events
interface nsIDOMEvent;
interface nsIDOMEventTarget;
interface nsIDOMEventListener;

interface nsIDOMHTMLElement;
interface nsIDOMHTMLFormElement;
interface nsIDOMHTMLCollection;
interface nsIDOMHTMLHeadElement;

// CSS
interface nsIDOMCSSValue;
interface nsIDOMCSSValueList;
interface nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue;
interface nsIDOMCSSRule;
interface nsIDOMCSSRuleList;
interface nsIDOMMozCSSKeyframeRule;
interface nsIDOMCSSStyleSheet;
interface nsIDOMCSSStyleDeclaration;
interface nsIDOMCounter;
interface nsIDOMRect;
interface nsIDOMRGBColor;
interface nsIDOMCSSStyleRule;
interface nsIDOMCSSStyleRuleCollection;
interface nsIDOMHTMLTableCaptionElement;
interface nsIDOMHTMLTableSectionElement;

// Range
interface nsIDOMRange;

// Crypto
interface nsIDOMCRMFObject;
interface nsIDOMCrypto;
interface nsIDOMPkcs11;

// Used font face (for inspector)
interface nsIDOMFontFace;
interface nsIDOMFontFaceList;