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Bug 549969 - Add ability to save xml attributes from update xml that app update doesn't care about. r=dolske

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#ifndef ipc_glue_SyncChannel_h
#define ipc_glue_SyncChannel_h 1

#include "mozilla/ipc/AsyncChannel.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace ipc {

class SyncChannel : public AsyncChannel
    typedef uint16 MessageId;

    static const int32 kNoTimeout;

    class /*NS_INTERFACE_CLASS*/ SyncListener : 
        public AsyncChannel::AsyncListener
        virtual ~SyncListener() { }

        virtual void OnChannelClose() = 0;
        virtual void OnChannelError() = 0;
        virtual Result OnMessageReceived(const Message& aMessage) = 0;
        virtual bool OnReplyTimeout() = 0;
        virtual Result OnMessageReceived(const Message& aMessage,
                                         Message*& aReply) = 0;

    SyncChannel(SyncListener* aListener);
    virtual ~SyncChannel();

    virtual bool Send(Message* msg) {
        return AsyncChannel::Send(msg);

    // Synchronously send |msg| (i.e., wait for |reply|)
    virtual bool Send(Message* msg, Message* reply);

    void SetReplyTimeoutMs(int32 aTimeoutMs) {
        mTimeoutMs = (aTimeoutMs <= 0) ? kNoTimeout : aTimeoutMs;

    // Override the AsyncChannel handler so we can dispatch sync messages
    NS_OVERRIDE virtual void OnMessageReceived(const Message& msg);
    NS_OVERRIDE virtual void OnChannelError();

    static bool IsPumpingMessages() {
        return sIsPumpingMessages;
    static void SetIsPumpingMessages(bool aIsPumping) {
        sIsPumpingMessages = aIsPumping;

    // Executed on the worker thread
    bool ProcessingSyncMessage() {
        return mProcessingSyncMessage;

    void OnDispatchMessage(const Message& aMsg);

    bool OnSpecialMessage(uint16 id, const Message& msg)
        // SyncChannel doesn't care about any special messages yet
        return AsyncChannel::OnSpecialMessage(id, msg);

    // Return true if the wait ended because a notification was
    // received.  That is, true => event received.
    // Return false if the time elapsed from when we started the
    // process of waiting until afterwards exceeded the currently
    // allotted timeout.  That *DOES NOT* mean false => "no event" (==
    // timeout); there are many circumstances that could cause the
    // measured elapsed time to exceed the timeout EVEN WHEN we were
    // notified.
    // So in sum: true is a meaningful return value; false isn't,
    // necessarily.
    bool WaitForNotify();

    bool ShouldContinueFromTimeout();

    // Executed on the IO thread.
    void OnSendReply(Message* msg);
    void NotifyWorkerThread();

    // On both
    bool AwaitingSyncReply() {
        return mPendingReply != 0;

    int32 NextSeqno() {
        return mChild ? --mNextSeqno : ++mNextSeqno;

    MessageId mPendingReply;
    bool mProcessingSyncMessage;
    Message mRecvd;
    // This is only accessed from the worker thread; seqno's are
    // completely opaque to the IO thread.
    int32 mNextSeqno;

    static bool sIsPumpingMessages;

    int32 mTimeoutMs;

    bool EventOccurred();

} // namespace ipc
} // namespace mozilla
#endif  // ifndef ipc_glue_SyncChannel_h