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Bug 1644878 - Don't define Map/Set identical iterator methods in self-hosted JS. r=arai I think we were defining those methods in self-hosted JS, because that automatically gives us the property that they all have the same identity. This causes bad error messages. Instead redefine them in the finishInit ClassSpec hook. We still have the "wrong" methods in the 'methods' array so that JSXray tests continue to pass. Differential Revision:


Increasing the logging verbosity

To increase the internal logging verbosity you can use the
`remote.log.level` [preference].

If you use mach to start Firefox:

	./mach run --setpref "remote.log.level=Debug" --remote-debugger

Enabling logging of emitted events

To dump events produced by EventEmitter,
including CDP events produced by the remote agent,
you can use the `toolkit.dump.emit` [preference]:

    ./mach run --setpref "toolkit.dump.emit=true" --remote-debugger

Logging observer notifications

[System observer notifications] are used extensively throughout the
code and it can sometimes be useful to log these to see what is
available and when they are fired.

The `MOZ_LOG` environment variable controls the C++ logs and takes
the name of the subsystem along with a verbosity setting.  See
[prlog.h] for more details.


You can optionally redirect logs away from stdout to a file:


This enables `LogLevel::Debug` level information and places all
output in the file service.log in your current working directory.

[preference]: ./Prefs.html
[System observer notifications]: