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Bug 1644878 - Don't define Map/Set identical iterator methods in self-hosted JS. r=arai I think we were defining those methods in self-hosted JS, because that automatically gives us the property that they all have the same identity. This causes bad error messages. Instead redefine them in the finishInit ClassSpec hook. We still have the "wrong" methods in the 'methods' array so that JSXray tests continue to pass. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D79615

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#ifndef jit_mips_shared_SharedICHelpers_mips_shared_h
#define jit_mips_shared_SharedICHelpers_mips_shared_h

#include "jit/BaselineFrame.h"
#include "jit/BaselineIC.h"
#include "jit/MacroAssembler.h"
#include "jit/SharedICRegisters.h"

namespace js {
namespace jit {

// Distance from sp to the top Value inside an IC stub (no return address on
// the stack on MIPS).
static const size_t ICStackValueOffset = 0;

struct BaselineStubFrame {
  uintptr_t savedFrame;
  uintptr_t savedStub;
  uintptr_t returnAddress;
  uintptr_t descriptor;

// Size of values pushed by EmitBaselineEnterStubFrame.
static const uint32_t STUB_FRAME_SIZE = sizeof(BaselineStubFrame);
static const uint32_t STUB_FRAME_SAVED_STUB_OFFSET =
    offsetof(BaselineStubFrame, savedStub);

inline void EmitRestoreTailCallReg(MacroAssembler& masm) {
  // No-op on MIPS because ra register is always holding the return address.

inline void EmitRepushTailCallReg(MacroAssembler& masm) {
  // No-op on MIPS because ra register is always holding the return address.

inline void EmitCallIC(MacroAssembler& masm, const ICEntry* entry,
                       CodeOffset* callOffset) {
  // Load stub pointer into ICStubReg.

  // Load stubcode pointer from the ICStub.
  // R2 won't be active when we call ICs, so we can use it as scratch.
  masm.loadPtr(Address(ICStubReg, ICStub::offsetOfStubCode()), R2.scratchReg());

  // Call the stubcode via a direct jump-and-link
  *callOffset = CodeOffset(masm.currentOffset());

inline void EmitEnterTypeMonitorIC(
    MacroAssembler& masm,
    size_t monitorStubOffset = ICMonitoredStub::offsetOfFirstMonitorStub()) {
  // This is expected to be called from within an IC, when ICStubReg
  // is properly initialized to point to the stub.
  masm.loadPtr(Address(ICStubReg, (uint32_t)monitorStubOffset), ICStubReg);

  // Load stubcode pointer from BaselineStubEntry.
  // R2 won't be active when we call ICs, so we can use it.
  masm.loadPtr(Address(ICStubReg, ICStub::offsetOfStubCode()), R2.scratchReg());

  // Jump to the stubcode.

inline void EmitReturnFromIC(MacroAssembler& masm) { masm.branch(ra); }

inline void EmitBaselineLeaveStubFrame(MacroAssembler& masm,
                                       bool calledIntoIon = false) {
  // Ion frames do not save and restore the frame pointer. If we called
  // into Ion, we have to restore the stack pointer from the frame descriptor.
  // If we performed a VM call, the descriptor has been popped already so
  // in that case we use the frame pointer.
  if (calledIntoIon) {
    masm.rshiftPtr(Imm32(FRAMESIZE_SHIFT), ScratchRegister);
    masm.addPtr(ScratchRegister, BaselineStackReg);
  } else {
    masm.movePtr(BaselineFrameReg, BaselineStackReg);

  masm.loadPtr(Address(StackPointer, offsetof(BaselineStubFrame, savedFrame)),
  masm.loadPtr(Address(StackPointer, offsetof(BaselineStubFrame, savedStub)),

  // Load the return address.
      Address(StackPointer, offsetof(BaselineStubFrame, returnAddress)),

  // Discard the frame descriptor.
  masm.loadPtr(Address(StackPointer, offsetof(BaselineStubFrame, descriptor)),
  masm.addPtr(Imm32(STUB_FRAME_SIZE), StackPointer);

template <typename AddrType>
inline void EmitPreBarrier(MacroAssembler& masm, const AddrType& addr,
                           MIRType type) {
  // On MIPS, $ra is clobbered by guardedCallPreBarrier. Save it first.
  masm.guardedCallPreBarrier(addr, type);

inline void EmitStubGuardFailure(MacroAssembler& masm) {
  // Load next stub into ICStubReg
  masm.loadPtr(Address(ICStubReg, ICStub::offsetOfNext()), ICStubReg);

  // Return address is already loaded, just jump to the next stubcode.
  MOZ_ASSERT(ICTailCallReg == ra);
  masm.jump(Address(ICStubReg, ICStub::offsetOfStubCode()));

}  // namespace jit
}  // namespace js

#endif /* jit_mips_shared_SharedICHelpers_mips_shared_h */