author Axel Hecht <>
Fri, 30 Jul 2010 11:07:42 +0200
changeset 48402 c5f35032f22df63a99d63bba7cf791ae309d0ab7
parent 12507 6260b2079b7c186f6a85388a84add2662576b62d
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permissions -rwxr-xr-x
bug 579175, add services/sync to to get it exposed to l10n for real. Localizers, weave-l10n has these in services. a=beltzner

def test(mod, path, entity = None):
  import re
  # ignore anyhting but Firefox
  if mod not in ("netwerk", "dom", "toolkit", "security/manager",
                 "browser", "extensions/reporter", "extensions/spellcheck",
    return False
  if mod != "browser" and mod != "extensions/spellcheck":
    # we only have exceptions for browser and extensions/spellcheck
    return True
  if not entity:
    if mod == "extensions/spellcheck":
      return False
    # browser
    return not (re.match(r"searchplugins\/.+\.xml", path) or
                re.match(r"chrome\/help\/images\/[A-Za-z-_]+\.png", path))
  if mod == "extensions/spellcheck":
    # l10n ships en-US dictionary or something, do compare
    return True
  if path == "":
    return entity != "MOZ_LANGPACK_CONTRIBUTORS"

  if path != "chrome/browser-region/":
    # only exceptions remain, compare all others
    return True
  return not (re.match(r"browser\.search\.order\.[1-9]", entity) or
              re.match(r"browser\.contentHandlers\.types\.[0-5]", entity) or
              re.match(r"gecko\.handlerService\.schemes\.", entity) or
              re.match(r"gecko\.handlerService\.defaultHandlersVersion", entity))