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Bug 1521879 - Part 1: IPC-based MediaTransport implementation r=mjf Differential Revision:

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#ifndef CTVerifyResult_h
#define CTVerifyResult_h

#include <vector>

#include "CTLog.h"
#include "SignedCertificateTimestamp.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace ct {

// Holds a verified Signed Certificate Timestamp along with the verification
// status (e.g. valid/invalid) and additional information related to the
// verification.
struct VerifiedSCT {

  // The original SCT.
  SignedCertificateTimestamp sct;

  enum class Status {
    // The SCT is from a known log, and the signature is valid.
    // The SCT is from a known disqualified log, and the signature is valid.
    // For the disqualification time of the log see |logDisqualificationTime|.
    // The SCT is from an unknown log and can not be verified.
    // The SCT is from a known log, but the signature is invalid.
    // The SCT signature is valid, but the timestamp is in the future.
    // Such SCTs are considered invalid (see RFC 6962, Section 5.2).

  enum class Origin {

  Status status;
  Origin origin;
  CTLogOperatorId logOperatorId;
  uint64_t logDisqualificationTime;

typedef std::vector<VerifiedSCT> VerifiedSCTList;

// Holds Signed Certificate Timestamps verification results.
class CTVerifyResult {
  // SCTs that were processed during the verification along with their
  // verification results.
  VerifiedSCTList verifiedScts;

  // The verifier makes the best effort to extract the available SCTs
  // from the binary sources provided to it.
  // If some SCT cannot be extracted due to encoding errors, the verifier
  // proceeds to the next available one. In other words, decoding errors are
  // effectively ignored.
  // Note that a serialized SCT may fail to decode for a "legitimate" reason,
  // e.g. if the SCT is from a future version of the Certificate Transparency
  // standard.
  // |decodingErrors| field counts the errors of the above kind.
  size_t decodingErrors;

  void Reset();

}  // namespace ct
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // CTVerifyResult_h