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Bug 851046: Patch 2 - New Class: BluetoothSocket; r=mrbkap

  FreeType 2.4.9

  Please   read   the  docs/CHANGES   file,   it  contains   IMPORTANT

  Read the files `docs/INSTALL' for installation instructions.

  See the  file `docs/LICENSE.TXT'  for the available licenses.   Note
  that we use ranges (`2008-2010') for copyright years also instead of
  listing individual years (`2008, 2009, 2010').

  The FreeType 2 API reference is located in `docs/reference'; use the
  file   `ft2-doc.html'   as   the   top  entry   point.    Additional
  documentation is available as a separate package from our sites.  Go

  and download one of the following files.



  Please report bugs  by e-mail to `'.  Don't
  forget to  send a  detailed explanation of  the problem --  there is
  nothing  worse than  receiving a  terse message  that only  says `it
  doesn't work'.

  Alternatively, you may submit a bug report at


    The FreeType Team


Copyright 2006-2011 by
David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg.

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modified,  and distributed  under the  terms of  the  FreeType project
license,  LICENSE.TXT.  By  continuing to  use, modify,  or distribute
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and accept it fully.

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