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Bug 1337056 - Part 3: Send down http[s] and ftp permissions as they are needed. Send down other permissions at startup, r=baku MozReview-Commit-ID: CUKPvFp6zpF

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# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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MimeNotCss=The stylesheet %1$S was not loaded because its MIME type, “%2$S”, is not “text/css”.
MimeNotCssWarn=The stylesheet %1$S was loaded as CSS even though its MIME type, “%2$S”, is not “text/css”.

PEUnexpEOF2=Unexpected end of file while searching for %1$S.
PEParseRuleWSOnly=Whitespace-only string given to be parsed as rule.
PEDeclDropped=Declaration dropped.
PEDeclSkipped=Skipped to next declaration.
PEUnknownProperty=Unknown property ‘%1$S’.
PEValueParsingError=Error in parsing value for ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectEndValue=Expected end of value but found ‘%1$S’.
PERuleTrailing=Expected end of rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PESkipAtRuleEOF2=end of at-rule
PEUnknownAtRule=Unrecognized at-rule or error parsing at-rule ‘%1$S’.
PECharsetRuleEOF=charset string in @charset rule
PECharsetRuleNotString=Expected charset string but found ‘%1$S’.
PEGatherMediaEOF=end of media list in @import or @media rule
PEGatherMediaNotComma=Expected ‘,’ in media list but found ‘%1$S’.
PEGatherMediaNotIdent=Expected identifier in media list but found ‘%1$S’.
PEGatherMediaReservedMediaType=Found reserved keyword ‘%1$S’ when looking for media type.
PEParseSourceSizeListEOF=length value for matched media condition
PEParseSourceSizeListNotComma=Expected ‘,’ after value but found ‘%1$S’
PEImportNotURI=Expected URI in @import rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PEImportBadURI=Invalid URI in @import rule: ‘%1$S’.
PEImportUnexpected=Found unexpected ‘%1$S’ within @import.
PEGroupRuleEOF2=end of @media, @supports or @-moz-document rule
PEGroupRuleNestedAtRule=%1$S rule not allowed within @media or @-moz-document rule.
PEMozDocRuleBadFunc2=Expected url(), url-prefix(), domain() or regexp() in @-moz-document rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PEMozDocRuleNotURI=Expected URI in @-moz-document rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PEMozDocRuleNotString=Expected string in @-moz-document rule regexp() function but found ‘%1$S’.
PEMozDocRuleEOF=next URI in @-moz-document rule
PEAtNSPrefixEOF=namespace prefix in @namespace rule
PEAtNSURIEOF=namespace URI in @namespace rule
PEAtNSUnexpected=Unexpected token within @namespace: ‘%1$S’.
PEKeyframeNameEOF=name of @keyframes rule.
PEKeyframeBadName=Expected identifier for name of @keyframes rule.
PEKeyframeBrace=Expected opening { of @keyframes rule.
PESkipDeclBraceEOF=closing } of declaration block
PESkipRSBraceEOF=closing } of invalid rule set
PEBadSelectorRSIgnored=Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.
PEBadSelectorKeyframeRuleIgnored=Keyframe rule ignored due to bad selector.
PESelectorListExtraEOF=‘,’ or ‘{’
PESelectorListExtra=Expected ‘,’ or ‘{’ but found ‘%1$S’.
PESelectorGroupNoSelector=Selector expected.
PESelectorGroupExtraCombinator=Dangling combinator.
PECounterStyleNotIdent=Expected identifier for name of @counter-style rule.
PECounterStyleBadName=Name of @counter-style rule can’t be ‘%1$S’.
PECounterStyleBadBlockStart=Expected ‘{’ to begin @counter-style rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PECounterStyleEOF=closing ‘}’ of @counter-style block
PECounterDescExpected=Expected counter descriptor but found ‘%1$S’.
PEUnknownCounterDesc=Unknown descriptor ‘%1$S’ in @counter-style rule.
PECounterExtendsNotIdent=Expected identifier for extends system but found ‘%1$S’.
PECounterASWeight=Each weight in the additive-symbols descriptor must be smaller than the previous weight.
PEClassSelEOF=class name
PEClassSelNotIdent=Expected identifier for class selector but found ‘%1$S’.
PECoordinatePair=Expected coordinate pair but found ‘%1$S’.
PETypeSelEOF=element type
PETypeSelNotType=Expected element name or ‘*’ but found ‘%1$S’.
PEUnknownNamespacePrefix=Unknown namespace prefix ‘%1$S’.
PEAttributeNameEOF=attribute name
PEAttributeNameExpected=Expected identifier for attribute name but found ‘%1$S’.
PEAttributeNameOrNamespaceExpected=Expected attribute name or namespace but found ‘%1$S’.
PEAttSelNoBar=Expected ‘|’ but found ‘%1$S’.
PEAttSelInnerEOF=part of attribute selector
PEAttSelUnexpected=Unexpected token in attribute selector: ‘%1$S’.
PEAttSelValueEOF=attribute value
PEAttSelCloseEOF=‘]’ to end attribute selector
PEAttSelNoClose=Expected ‘]’ to terminate attribute selector but found ‘%1$S’.
PEAttSelBadValue=Expected identifier or string for value in attribute selector but found ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelEOF=name of pseudo-class or pseudo-element
PEPseudoSelBadName=Expected identifier for pseudo-class or pseudo-element but found ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelNonFunc=Function token for non-function pseudo-class or pseudo-element, or the other way around, when reading ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelNotPE=Expected pseudo-element but found ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelDoubleNot=Negation pseudo-class can’t be negated ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelPEInNot=Pseudo-elements can’t be negated ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelNewStyleOnly=This pseudo-element must use the “::” form: ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelEndOrUserActionPC=Expected end of selector or a user action pseudo-class after pseudo-element but found ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelNoUserActionPC=Expected end of selector after pseudo-element that does not support user action pseudo-classes but found ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelMultiplePE=Extra pseudo-element ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoSelUnknown=Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element ‘%1$S’.
PENegationEOF=selector within negation
PENegationBadInner=Malformed simple selector as negation pseudo-class argument ‘%1$S’.
PENegationNoClose=Missing closing ‘)’ in negation pseudo-class ‘%1$S’.
PENegationBadArg=Missing argument in negation pseudo-class ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoClassArgEOF=argument to pseudo-class selector
PEPseudoClassArgNotIdent=Expected identifier for pseudo-class parameter but found ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoClassArgNotNth=Expected part of argument to pseudo-class but found ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoClassNoClose=Missing closing ‘)’ in pseudo-class, found ‘%1$S’ instead.
PEPseudoClassNoArg=Missing argument in pseudo-class ‘%1$S’.
PEPseudoClassNotUserAction=Expected end of selector or a user action pseudo-class after pseudo-element but found pseudo-class ‘%1$S’.
PEBadDeclBlockStart=Expected ‘{’ to begin declaration block but found ‘%1$S’.
PEColorNotColor=Expected color but found ‘%1$S’.
PEColorComponentEOF=color component
PEExpectedPercent=Expected a percentage but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedInt=Expected an integer but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedNumberOrAngle=Expected a number or an angle but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedNumberOrPercent=Expected a number or a percentage but found ‘%1$S’.
PEColorBadRGBContents=Expected number or percentage in rgb() but found ‘%1$S’.
PEColorComponentBadTerm=Expected ‘%2$S’ but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedComma=Expected ‘,’ but found ‘%1$S’.
PEColorOpacityEOF=opacity in color value
PEExpectedNumber=Expected a number but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedPosition=Expected <position> but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedRadius=Expected radius but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedCloseParen=Expected ‘)’ but found ‘%1$S’.
PEDeclEndEOF=‘;’ or ‘}’ to end declaration
PEParseDeclarationNoColon=Expected ‘:’ but found ‘%1$S’.
PEParseDeclarationDeclExpected=Expected declaration but found ‘%1$S’.
PEEndOfDeclEOF=end of declaration
PEExpectedImportant=Expected ‘important’ but found ‘%1$S’.
PEBadDeclEnd=Expected ‘;’ to terminate declaration but found ‘%1$S’.
PEBadDeclOrRuleEnd2=Expected ‘;’ or ‘}’ to terminate declaration but found ‘%1$S’.
PEInaccessibleProperty2=Cannot specify value for internal property.
PECommentEOF=end of comment
SEUnterminatedString=Found unclosed string ‘%1$S’.
PEFontDescExpected=Expected font descriptor but found ‘%1$S’.
PEUnknownFontDesc=Unknown descriptor ‘%1$S’ in @font-face rule.
PEMQExpectedExpressionStart=Expected ‘(’ to start media query expression but found ‘%1$S’.
PEMQExpressionEOF=contents of media query expression
PEMQExpectedFeatureName=Expected media feature name but found ‘%1$S’.
PEMQExpectedFeatureNameEnd=Expected ‘:’ or ‘)’ after media feature name but found ‘%1$S’.
PEMQNoMinMaxWithoutValue=Media features with min- or max- must have a value.
PEMQExpectedFeatureValue=Found invalid value for media feature.
PEBadFontBlockStart=Expected ‘{’ to begin @font-face rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PEBadFontBlockEnd=Expected ‘}’ to end @font-face rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PEAnonBoxNotAlone=Did not expect anonymous box.
PEFFVUnexpectedEOF=Unexpected end of @font-feature-values rule.
PEFFVBlockStart=Expected opening { of @font-feature-values rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PEFFVValueSetStart=Expected opening { of feature value set but found ‘%1$S’.
PEFFVNoFamily=Expected font family list for @font-feature-values rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PEFFVUnexpectedBlockEnd=Expected ‘}’ to end @font-feature-values rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PEFFVUnknownFontVariantPropValue=Unknown font-variant property value ‘%1$S’.
PEFFVExpectedIdent=Expected identifier but found ‘%1$S’.
PEFFVExpectedValue=Expected non-negative integer value but found ‘%1$S’.
PEFFVTooManyValues=Too many values for feature type ‘%1$S’.
PEFFVGenericInFamilyList=Family list cannot contain generic font family name.
PEFFVValueDefinitionTrailing=Expected end of value definition but found ‘%1$S’.
PEBadDirValue=Expected ‘ltr’ or ‘rtl’ in direction selector but found ‘%1$S’.
PESupportsConditionStartEOF2=‘not’, ‘(’, or function
PESupportsWhitespaceRequired=Expected whitespace after ‘not’, ‘and’, or ‘or’.
PESupportsConditionExpectedOpenParenOrFunction=Expected ‘(’ or function while parsing supports condition but found ‘%1$S’.
PESupportsConditionExpectedCloseParen=Expected ‘)’ while parsing supports condition but found ‘%1$S’.
PESupportsConditionExpectedStart2=Expected ‘not’, ‘(’, or function while parsing supports condition but found ‘%1$S’.
PESupportsConditionExpectedNot=Expected ‘not’ while parsing supports condition but found ‘%1$S’.
PESupportsGroupRuleStart=Expected ‘{’ to begin @supports rule but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedNoneOrURL=Expected ‘none’ or URL but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedNoneOrURLOrFilterFunction=Expected ‘none’, URL, or filter function but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedNonnegativeNP=Expected non-negative number or percentage.
PEFilterFunctionArgumentsParsingError=Error in parsing arguments for filter function.
PEVariableEmpty=Expected variable value but found ‘%1$S’.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(PEValueWithVariablesParsingErrorInValue): %1$S is replaced
# with the property name and %2$S is replaced with the property value.
PEValueWithVariablesParsingErrorInValue=Error in parsing value for ‘%1$S’ after substituting variables. Generated value was ‘%2$S’.
PEValueWithVariablesFallbackInherit=Falling back to ‘inherit’.
PEValueWithVariablesFallbackInitial=Falling back to ‘initial’.
PEInvalidVariableReference=Property contained reference to invalid variable.
PEInvalidVariableTokenFallback=Found invalid token ‘%1$S’ at top level of variable reference fallback.
PEExpectedVariableNameEOF=identifier for variable name
PEExpectedVariableName=Expected identifier for variable name but found ‘%1$S’.
PEExpectedVariableFallback=Expected variable reference fallback after ‘,’.
PEExpectedVariableCommaOrCloseParen=Expected ‘,’ or ‘)’ after variable name in variable reference but found ‘%1$S’.
PESubgridNotSupported=Support for the ‘subgrid’ keyword of CSS Grid is not enabled.
PEMoreThanOneGridRepeatAutoFillInNameList=Only one repeat(auto-fill, …) is allowed in a name list for a subgrid.
PEMoreThanOneGridRepeatAutoFillFitInTrackList=Only one repeat(auto-fill, …) or repeat(auto-fit, …) is allowed in a track list.
PEMoreThanOneGridRepeatTrackSize=Only one track size is allowed inside repeat(auto-fit/auto-fill, …).

TooLargeDashedRadius=Border radius is too large for ‘dashed’ style (the limit is 100000px). Rendering as solid.
TooLargeDottedRadius=Border radius is too large for ‘dotted’ style (the limit is 100000px). Rendering as solid.