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Fri, 13 Jul 2018 17:16:37 +0300
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Bug 1385464 - Start using support library v. 26; r=nalexander This patch also: Resolves missing resources and api changes - LeanplumActionBarActivity was removed because Support Library 26 deprecated ActionBarActivity. Class was already not in use. - CustomTabsService added two new methods which we need to override. Tested to make sure that previous functionality was maintained but with the addition of the two new methods maybe that feature could be improved. - For checking layout direction we'll use our own new method from ViewUtil which mimics what the now restricted method from the support library would do. - Upgraded to use AppCompatResources#getDrawable(..) in place of the now restricted AppCompatDrawableManager.get().getDrawable(..). Resolves obscure leaks and crashes after the upgrade - LoaderManager.destroyLoader(..) was added before the existing call to LoaderManager.restartLoader(..) to prevent potential Cursor leaks - Disable website suggestions depending on the address bar inputs when running in automation to avoid Robocop tests failing (they were entering serially maybe 100 characters in <5 ms which created around that many new Threads, operation that could cause the Executor to throw a RejectedExecutionException) At the moment this functionality is not covered by tests anyway and it was the only fix I could find that would not involve changing the whole implemenation for address bar suggestions, implementation which in the real world works ok. MozReview-Commit-ID: 2fX1SBHiSh0

# -*- Mode: python; indent-tabs-mode: nil; tab-width: 40 -*-
# vim: set filetype=python:
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

with Files("**"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Security: PSM")

with Files("generate*.py"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Firefox Build System", "General")

with Files("nss/**"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("NSS", "Libraries")

with Files("nss.symbols"):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ("NSS", "Libraries")

        GeckoSharedLibrary('nss', linkage=None)
        # TODO: The library name can be changed when bug 845217 is fixed.
        SHARED_LIBRARY_NAME = 'nss3'

        USE_LIBS += [


        SYMBOLS_FILE = 'nss.symbols'
        # This changes the default targets in the NSS build, among
        # other things.
        gyp_vars['moz_fold_libs'] = 1
        # Some things in NSS need to link against nssutil, which
        # gets folded, so this tells them what to link against.
        gyp_vars['moz_folded_library_name'] = 'nss'
        # Force things in NSS that want to link against NSPR to link
        # against the folded library.
        gyp_vars['nspr_libs'] = 'nss'
        USE_LIBS += [
        gyp_vars['nspr_libs'] = 'nspr4 plc4 plds4'

    # This disables building some NSS tools.
    gyp_vars['mozilla_client'] = 1
    # We run shlibsign as part of packaging, not build.
    gyp_vars['sign_libs'] = 0
    gyp_vars['python'] = CONFIG['PYTHON']
    # The NSS gyp files do not have a default for this.
    gyp_vars['nss_dist_dir'] = '$PRODUCT_DIR/dist'
    # NSS wants to put public headers in $nss_dist_dir/public/nss by default,
    # which would wind up being mapped to dist/include/public/nss (by
    # gyp_reader's `handle_copies`).
    # This forces it to put them in dist/include/nss.
    gyp_vars['nss_public_dist_dir'] = '$PRODUCT_DIR/dist'
    gyp_vars['nss_dist_obj_dir'] = '$PRODUCT_DIR/dist/bin'
    # We don't currently build NSS tests.
    gyp_vars['disable_tests'] = 1
        gyp_vars['disable_dbm'] = 1
    gyp_vars['disable_libpkix'] = 1
    # pkg-config won't reliably find zlib on our builders, so just force it.
    # System zlib is only used for modutil and signtool unless
    # SSL zlib is enabled, which we are disabling immediately below this.
    gyp_vars['zlib_libs'] = '-lz'
    gyp_vars['ssl_enable_zlib'] = 0
    # System sqlite here is the in-tree mozsqlite.
    gyp_vars['use_system_sqlite'] = 1
    gyp_vars['sqlite_libs'] = 'sqlite'
    gyp_vars['nspr_include_dir'] = CONFIG['NSPR_INCLUDE_DIR']
    gyp_vars['nspr_lib_dir'] = CONFIG['NSPR_LIB_DIR']
    # The Python scripts that detect clang need it to be set as CC
    # in the environment, which isn't true here. I don't know that
    # setting that would be harmful, but we already have this information
    # anyway.
    if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] in ('clang', 'clang-cl'):
        gyp_vars['cc_is_clang'] = 1
        gyp_vars['cc_use_gnu_ld'] = 1

    GYP_DIRS += ['nss']
    GYP_DIRS['nss'].input = 'nss/nss.gyp'
    GYP_DIRS['nss'].variables = gyp_vars

    sandbox_vars = {
        # NSS explicitly exports its public symbols
        # with linker scripts.
        'COMPILE_FLAGS': {
            'VISIBILITY': [],
            # XXX: We should fix these warnings.
            'WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS': [],
        # NSS' build system doesn't currently build NSS with PGO.
        # We could probably do so, but not without a lot of
        # careful consideration.
        'NO_PGO': True,
    if CONFIG['OS_TARGET'] == 'WINNT':
        if CONFIG['CPU_ARCH'] == 'x86':
            # This should really be the default.
            sandbox_vars['ASFLAGS'] = ['-safeseh']
            sandbox_vars['CFLAGS'] = CONFIG['MOZ_FOLD_LIBS_FLAGS']
    if CONFIG['OS_TARGET'] == 'Android':
        sandbox_vars['CFLAGS'] = [
            '-include', TOPSRCDIR + '/security/manager/android_stub.h',
            # Setting sandbox_vars['DEFINES'] is broken currently.
            sandbox_vars['CFLAGS'] += ['-DANDROID_VERSION=' + CONFIG['ANDROID_VERSION']]
    GYP_DIRS['nss'].sandbox_vars = sandbox_vars
    GYP_DIRS['nss'].no_chromium = True
    GYP_DIRS['nss'].no_unified = True
    # This maps action names from gyp files to
    # Python scripts that can be used in GENERATED_FILES.
    GYP_DIRS['nss'].action_overrides = {
        'generate_certdata_c': '',
        'generate_mapfile': '',