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Bug 1513057 - P1: Start the new socket process basics (prefs, full xpcom init, logging, no sandboxing) r=mayhemer,dragana Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D14148

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// GECKO_PROCESS_TYPE(enum-name, string-name, XRE_Is${NAME}Process)
// Note that string-name is exposed to various things like telemetry
// and the crash reporter, so it should not be changed casually.
// The values generated for the GeckoProcessType enum are dependent on
// the ordering of the GECKO_PROCESS_TYPE invocations in this file, and
// said values are exposed to things like telemetry as well, so please
// do not reorder lines in this file.
// Please add new process types at the end of this list.
GECKO_PROCESS_TYPE(Default, "default", Parent)
GECKO_PROCESS_TYPE(Plugin, "plugin", Plugin)
GECKO_PROCESS_TYPE(Content, "tab", Content)
GECKO_PROCESS_TYPE(IPDLUnitTest, "ipdlunittest", IPDLUnitTest)
// Gecko Media Plugin process.
GECKO_PROCESS_TYPE(GMPlugin, "gmplugin", GMPlugin)
// GPU and compositor process.
// VR process.
// Remote Data Decoder process.
// Socket process
GECKO_PROCESS_TYPE(Socket, "socket", Socket)