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Bug 551049 part 3: delay the delivery of NPP_URLNotify until the related stream is completely delivered and destroyed, and propagate errors from NPP_Write and NPN_DestroyStream back to NPP_URLNotify r=bent

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#include "PluginStreamParent.h"
#include "PluginInstanceParent.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace plugins {

PluginStreamParent::PluginStreamParent(PluginInstanceParent* npp,
                                       const nsCString& mimeType,
                                       const nsCString& target,
                                       NPError* result)
  : mInstance(npp)
  , mClosed(false)
  *result = mInstance->mNPNIface->newstream(mInstance->mNPP,
  if (*result == NPERR_NO_ERROR)
    mStream->pdata = static_cast<AStream*>(this);
    mStream = NULL;

PluginStreamParent::AnswerNPN_Write(const Buffer& data, int32_t* written)
  if (mClosed) {
    *written = -1;
    return true;

  *written = mInstance->mNPNIface->write(mInstance->mNPP, mStream,
  if (*written < 0)
    mClosed = true;

  return true;

PluginStreamParent::Answer__delete__(const NPError& reason,
                                     const bool& artificial)
  if (!artificial)
  return true;

PluginStreamParent::NPN_DestroyStream(NPReason reason)
  if (mClosed)

  mInstance->mNPNIface->destroystream(mInstance->mNPP, mStream, reason);
  mClosed = true;

} // namespace plugins
} // namespace mozilla