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 * nsWildCard.h: Defines and prototypes for shell exp. match routines
 * See nsIZipReader.findEntries docs in nsIZipReader.idl for a description of
 * the supported expression syntax.
 * Note that the syntax documentation explicitly says the results of certain
 * expressions are undefined.  This is intentional to require less robustness
 * in the code.  Regular expression parsing is hard; the smaller the set of
 * features and interactions this code must support, the easier it is to
 * ensure it works.
#ifndef nsWildCard_h__
#define nsWildCard_h__

#include "prtypes.h"
#include <ctype.h>  /* isalnum */
#include <string.h> /* strlen */

/* --------------------------- Public routines ---------------------------- */

 * NS_WildCardValid takes a shell expression exp as input. It returns:
 *  NON_SXP      if exp is a standard string
 *  INVALID_SXP  if exp is a shell expression, but invalid
 *  VALID_SXP    if exp is a valid shell expression

#define NON_SXP -1
#define INVALID_SXP -2
#define VALID_SXP 1

extern int NS_WildCardValid(char *expr);

/* return values for the search routines */
#define MATCH 0
#define NOMATCH 1
#define ABORTED -1

 * NS_WildCardMatch
 * Takes a prevalidated shell expression exp, and a string str.
 * Returns 0 on match and 1 on non-match.

extern int NS_WildCardMatch(char *str, char *expr, PRBool case_insensitive);

#endif /* nsWildCard_h__ */