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Bug 1441657 - Create a new mozilla/WrappingOperations.h header to contain implementations of common math operations with well-defined wraparound semantics. r=froydnj

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIRDFResource;
interface nsIRDFNode;

 * Interface used in RDF to enumerate triples.
 * Also used by rdfIDataSource::getAllSubjects, then aPredicate,
 * aObject and aTruthValue are ignored.
 * @status PLASMA

[scriptable, function, uuid(aafea151-c271-4505-9978-a100d292800c)]
interface rdfITripleVisitor : nsISupports
     * Callback function for returning query results.
     * @param aSubject, aPredicate, aObject describe the (sub-)arc
     * @returnCode NS_RDF_STOP_VISIT to stop iterating over the query result.
     *             Any error code will stop the iteration as well.
    void visit(in nsIRDFNode aSubject, in nsIRDFResource aPredicate,
               in nsIRDFNode aObject, in boolean aTruthValue);