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Bug 1441657 - Create a new mozilla/WrappingOperations.h header to contain implementations of common math operations with well-defined wraparound semantics. r=froydnj

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIRDFDataSource.idl"

class nsAtom;
[ptr] native nsAtomPtr(nsAtom);

[scriptable, uuid(8ae1fbf8-1dd2-11b2-bd21-d728069cca92)]
interface nsIRDFXMLSerializer : nsISupports
     * Initialize the serializer with the specified datasource.
     * @param aDataSource the datasource from which data will be
     *   serialized
    void init(in nsIRDFDataSource aDataSource);

     * Add the specified namespace to the serializer.
     * @param aPrefix the attribute namespace prefix
     * @param aURI the namespace URI
    [noscript] void addNameSpace(in nsAtomPtr aPrefix, in DOMString aURI);