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Bug 1156742 Part 6: Add RemotePrintJob to PrintSession and PrintData. r=roc, r=mconley Someone knew that nsIPrintSession would come in handy one day.

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#ifndef mozilla_embedding_PrintingParent_h
#define mozilla_embedding_PrintingParent_h

#include "mozilla/dom/PBrowserParent.h"
#include "mozilla/embedding/PPrintingParent.h"

class nsIDOMWindow;
class PPrintProgressDialogParent;
class PPrintSettingsDialogParent;

typedef mozilla::layout::PRemotePrintJobParent PRemotePrintJobParent;

namespace mozilla {
namespace embedding {

class PrintingParent final : public PPrintingParent
    virtual bool
    RecvShowProgress(PBrowserParent* parent,
                     PPrintProgressDialogParent* printProgressDialog,
                     const bool& isForPrinting,
                     bool* notifyOnOpen,
                     nsresult* result);
    virtual bool
    RecvShowPrintDialog(PPrintSettingsDialogParent* aDialog,
                        PBrowserParent* aParent,
                        const PrintData& aData);

    virtual bool
    RecvSavePrintSettings(const PrintData& data,
                          const bool& usePrinterNamePrefix,
                          const uint32_t& flags,
                          nsresult* rv);

    virtual PPrintProgressDialogParent*

    virtual bool
    DeallocPPrintProgressDialogParent(PPrintProgressDialogParent* aActor);

    virtual PPrintSettingsDialogParent*

    virtual bool
    DeallocPPrintSettingsDialogParent(PPrintSettingsDialogParent* aActor);

    virtual PRemotePrintJobParent*

    virtual bool
    DeallocPRemotePrintJobParent(PRemotePrintJobParent* aActor);

    virtual void
    ActorDestroy(ActorDestroyReason aWhy);

    MOZ_IMPLICIT PrintingParent();
    virtual ~PrintingParent();

    DOMWindowFromBrowserParent(PBrowserParent* parent);

    ShowPrintDialog(PBrowserParent* parent,
                    const PrintData& data,
                    PrintData* result);

} // namespace embedding
} // namespace mozilla