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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsILocalFile;
interface nsIObserver;
interface nsIFileSpec;

#include "nsIPrefService.idl"
#include "nsIPrefBranch.idl"


#ifndef have_PrefChangedFunc_typedef
typedef int (*PR_CALLBACK PrefChangedFunc)(const char *, void *);
#define have_PrefChangedFunc_typedef
typedef void (*PrefEnumerationFunc)(const char *, void *);

#define NS_PREF_CID                                    \
  { /* {dc26e0e0-ca94-11d1-a9a4-00805f8a7ac4} */       \
    0xdc26e0e0,                                        \
    0xca94,                                            \
    0x11d1,                                            \
    { 0xa9, 0xa4, 0x00, 0x80, 0x5f, 0x8a, 0x7a, 0xc4 } \


#define NS_PREF_CLASSNAME "Preferences Service"
native PrefChangedFunc(PrefChangedFunc);
native PrefEnumerationFunc(PrefEnumerationFunc);

 * This entire interface is deprecated and should not be used.
 * See nsIPrefService and nsIPrefBranch for the new implementations.
 * @status DEPRECATED  Replaced by nsIPrefService and nsIPrefBranch
[scriptable, uuid(a22ad7b0-ca86-11d1-a9a4-00805f8a7ac4)]
interface nsIPref : nsISupports {

   * These are the the Prefs Service methods we will support for now

   * readUserPrefs
   * read a user preference file, pass in null for default file
  void readUserPrefs(in nsIFile aFile);

   * resetPrefs
   * completely flush and reload the preferences system
  void ResetPrefs();

   * resetUserPrefs
   * flush all current user prefrences (reset all preferences to the default values)
  void ResetUserPrefs();

   * savePrefFile
   * write current preferences state to a file, pass in null for default file
  void savePrefFile(in nsIFile aFile);

   * branch operations

  nsIPrefBranch getBranch(in string aPrefRoot);
  nsIPrefBranch getDefaultBranch(in string aPrefRoot);

   * These are the the Prefs Branch methods we will support for now

  const long ePrefInvalid = 0;
  const long ePrefLocked = 1;
  const long ePrefUserset = 2;
  const long ePrefConfig = 4;
  const long ePrefRemote = 8;
  const long ePrefLilocal = 16;
  const long ePrefString = 32;
  const long ePrefInt = 64;
  const long ePrefBool = 128;
  const long ePrefValuetypeMask = (ePrefString | ePrefInt | ePrefBool);

   * the root of this branch, such as "browser."
  readonly attribute string root;

   * standard methods for accessing preferences
  long    GetPrefType(in string aPrefName);

  boolean GetBoolPref(in string aPrefName);
  void    SetBoolPref(in string aPrefName, in long aValue);

  string  GetCharPref(in string aPrefName);
  void    SetCharPref(in string aPrefName, in string aValue);

  long    GetIntPref(in string aPrefName);
  void    SetIntPref(in string aPrefName, in long aValue);

   * methods for accessing complex preferences (i.e. items beyond the simple bool, char, and int)
  void getComplexValue(in string aPrefName, in nsIIDRef aType, [iid_is(aType), retval] out nsQIResult aValue);
  void setComplexValue(in string aPrefName, in nsIIDRef aType, in nsISupports aValue);

   * methods for preference state manipulation
  void    ClearUserPref(in string aPrefName);
  boolean PrefIsLocked(in string aPrefName);
  void    lockPref(in string aPrefName);
  void    unlockPref(in string aPrefName);

   * branch-level operations

   * resetBranch
   * clears all user preferences starting at the given preference prefix
   * pass in null or "" to clear this branch
  void resetBranch(in string aStartingAt);

   * deleteBranch
   * removes all preferences starting at the given preference prefix
   * pass in null or "" to remove this branch
  void DeleteBranch(in string aStartingAt);

   * getChildList
   * Returns an array of strings representing the child preferences of the branch root
   * @param startingAt pass in null or "" to enumerate the entire branch
   * @param count Receives the number of elements in the array.
   * @param childArray Receives the array of child preferences.
  void getChildList(in string aStartingAt,
                    out unsigned long aCount,
                    [array, size_is(aCount), retval] out string aChildArray);

   * Listeners

   * The observers have their |Observe| methods called with
   * ([the observer], "nsPref:changed", [pref name]).
  void addObserver(in string aDomain, in nsIObserver aObserver, in boolean aHoldWeak);
  void removeObserver(in string aDomain, in nsIObserver aObserver);

   * Finally some deprecated methods

  // these are changing from Copy->get
  string CopyCharPref(in string pref);
  string CopyDefaultCharPref(in string pref);

  /* get & set defaults */
  boolean GetDefaultBoolPref(in string pref);
  long    GetDefaultIntPref(in string pref);

  void SetDefaultBoolPref(in string pref, in boolean value);
  void SetDefaultCharPref(in string pref, in string value);
  void SetDefaultIntPref(in string pref, in long value);

  /* unichar & localized unichar prefs */
  wstring CopyUnicharPref(in string pref);
  wstring CopyDefaultUnicharPref(in string pref);
  void SetUnicharPref(in string pref, in wstring value);
  void SetDefaultUnicharPref(in string pref, in wstring value);
  wstring getLocalizedUnicharPref(in string pref);
  wstring getDefaultLocalizedUnicharPref(in string pref);

  /* file & filespec prefs */
  nsIFileSpec  GetFilePref(in string pref);
  void         SetFilePref(in string pref, in nsIFileSpec value, in boolean setDefault);
  nsILocalFile getFileXPref(in string pref);
  void         setFileXPref(in string pref, in nsILocalFile value);

  /* callbacks */
  [noscript] void RegisterCallback(in string domain, in PrefChangedFunc callback, in voidPtr closure);
  [noscript] void UnregisterCallback(in string domain, in PrefChangedFunc callback, in voidPtr closure);

   * EnumerateChildren
   * Call back function "callback" with every preference string
   * having prefix "parent". Pass "data" to "callback" when calling.
   * @param parent A string representation of a prefix of preferences
   * @param callback A function to call back for each matching preference
   * @param data A piece of data to pass on to the callback
  [noscript] void EnumerateChildren(in string parent, in PrefEnumerationFunc callback, in voidPtr data);