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Bug 540111, part 2: Subsume direct calls to manager->Dealloc*() into RemoveManagee(). r=bent

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# mozconfig2client-mk - Translates .mozconfig into options for
#    Prints defines to stdout.
# See mozconfig2configure for more details

print_header() {
  cat >> $tmp_file <<EOF
# gmake
# This file is automatically generated for
# Do not edit. Edit $_mozconfig instead.
# To create a new .mozconfig file, you can visit,


ac_add_options() {
  echo "# $* is used by configure (not" >> $tmp_file

ac_add_app_options() {
  echo "# $* is used by configure (not" >> $tmp_file

mk_add_options() {
  for _opt
    # Escape shell characters, space, tab, dollar, quote, backslash,
    # and substitute '@<word>@' with '$(<word>)'.
    _opt=`echo "$_opt" | sed -e 's/\([\"\\]\)/\\\1/g; s/@\([^@]*\)@/\$(\1)/g;'`
    echo $_opt;
  done >> $tmp_file

mk_echo_options() {
  echo "Adding options from $MOZCONFIG:"
  for _opt in $opts; do
    echo "    $_opt"

# Main

scriptdir=`dirname $0`

trap "rm -f $tmp_file; exit 1" 1 2 15

MOZCONFIG=`$scriptdir/mozconfig-find $topsrcdir`

print_header > $tmp_file

# If the path changes, configure should be rerun
echo "# PATH=$PATH" >> $tmp_file

if [ "$MOZCONFIG" ]

if [ "$opts" ]; then

if test -f $out_file && cmp -s $tmp_file $out_file; then
  rm $tmp_file
  mv -f $tmp_file $out_file