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Bug 811068 - Copy ^headers^ file in; r=jhammel (DONTBUILD)

#!/usr/bin/env python
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
# You can obtain one at

Imports a test suite from a remote repository. Takes one argument, a file in
the format described in README.
Note: removes both source and destination directory before starting. Do not
      use with outstanding changes in either directory.

from __future__ import print_function, unicode_literals

import os
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys

import parseManifest
import writeMakefile

HEADERS_SUFFIX = "^headers^"

def parseManifestFile(dest, dir):
  subdirs, mochitests, _, __, supportfiles = parseManifest.parseManifestFile("hg-%s/%s/MANIFEST" % (dest, dir))
  return subdirs, mochitests, supportfiles

def getData(confFile):
  """This function parses a file of the form
  URL of remote repository|Name of the destination directory
  First directory of tests
  Last directory of tests"""
  repo = ""
  dest = ""
  directories = []
    fp = open(confFile, "r")
    first = True
    for line in fp:
      if first:
        idx = line.index("|")
        repo = line[:idx].strip()
        dest = line[idx + 1:].strip()
        first = False
    return repo, dest, directories

def makePath(a, b):
  if not b:
    # Empty directory, i.e., the repository root.
    return a
  return "%s/%s" % (a, b)

def copyTest(source, dest):
  """Copy the file at source to dest, as well as any ^headers^ file associated
  with it."""
  shutil.copy(source, dest)
  if os.path.exists(source + HEADERS_SUFFIX):
    shutil.copy(source + HEADERS_SUFFIX, dest + HEADERS_SUFFIX)

def copy(thissrcdir, dest, directories):
  """Copy mochitests and support files from the external HG directory to their
  place in mozilla-central.
  print("Copying %s..." % directories)
  for d in directories:
    subdirs, mochitests, supportfiles = parseManifestFile(dest, d)
    sourcedir = makePath("hg-%s" % dest, d)
    destdir = makePath(dest, d)

    for mochitest in mochitests:
      copyTest("%s/%s" % (sourcedir, mochitest), "%s/test_%s" % (destdir, mochitest))
    for support in supportfiles:
      copyTest("%s/%s" % (sourcedir, support), "%s/%s" % (destdir, support))

    if len(subdirs):
      if d:
        importDirs(thissrcdir, dest, ["%s/%s" % (d, subdir) for subdir in subdirs])
        # Empty directory, i.e., the repository root
        importDirs(thissrcdir, dest, subdirs)

def printMakefile(dest, directories):
  """Create a .mk file to be included into the main, which lists the
  directories with tests.
  print("Creating .mk...")
  path = dest + ".mk"
  fp = open(path, "w")
  fp.write("DIRS += \\\n")
  fp.write(writeMakefile.makefileString([makePath(dest, d) for d in directories]))
  subprocess.check_call(["hg", "add", path])

def printMakefiles(thissrcdir, dest, directories):
  """Create files for each directory that contains tests we import.
  print("Creating Makefile.ins...")
  for d in directories:
    path = makePath(dest, d)
    print("Creating in %s..." % path)

    subdirs, mochitests, supportfiles = parseManifestFile(dest, d)

    files = ["test_%s" % (mochitest, ) for mochitest in mochitests]
    files.extend(f for f in os.listdir(path) if f.endswith(HEADERS_SUFFIX))

    result = writeMakefile.substMakefile("", subdirs, files)

    fp = open(path + "/", "w")

def hgadd(dest, directories):
  """Inform hg of the files in |directories|."""
  print("hg addremoving...")
  for d in directories:
    subprocess.check_call(["hg", "addremove", "%s/%s" % (dest, d)])

def importDirs(thissrcdir, dest, directories):
  copy(thissrcdir, dest, directories)
  printMakefiles(thissrcdir, dest, directories)

def importRepo(confFile, thissrcdir):
    repo, dest, directories = getData(confFile)
    hgdest = "hg-%s" % (dest, )
    print("Going to clone %s to %s..." % (repo, hgdest))
    print("Removing %s..." % dest)
    subprocess.check_call(["rm", "--recursive", "--force", dest])
    print("Removing %s..." % hgdest)
    subprocess.check_call(["rm", "--recursive", "--force", hgdest])
    print("Cloning %s to %s..." % (repo, hgdest))
    subprocess.check_call(["hg", "clone", repo, hgdest])
    print("Going to import %s..." % directories)
    importDirs(thissrcdir, dest, directories)
    printMakefile(dest, directories)
    hgadd(dest, directories)
    print("Removing %s again..." % hgdest)
    subprocess.check_call(["rm", "--recursive", "--force", hgdest])
  except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:

if __name__ == "__main__":
  if len(sys.argv) != 2:
    print("Need one argument.")
    importRepo(sys.argv[1], "dom/imptests")