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Bug 1501379 - Update debugger frontend v95. r=jdescottes

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#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/gfx/Point.h"
#include "nsSVGDataParser.h"

namespace mozilla {
class SVGPathData;
} // namespace mozilla

// nsSVGPathDataParser: a simple recursive descent parser that builds
// DOMSVGPathSegs from path data strings. The grammar for path data
// can be found in SVG CR 20001102, chapter 8.

class nsSVGPathDataParser : public nsSVGDataParser
  nsSVGPathDataParser(const nsAString& aValue,
                      mozilla::SVGPathData* aList)
    : nsSVGDataParser(aValue),
    MOZ_ASSERT(aList, "null path data");

  bool Parse();


  bool ParseCoordPair(float& aX, float& aY);
  bool ParseFlag(bool& aFlag);

  bool ParsePath();
  bool IsStartOfSubPath() const;
  bool ParseSubPath();

  bool ParseSubPathElements();
  bool ParseSubPathElement(char16_t aCommandType,
                           bool aAbsCoords);

  bool ParseMoveto();
  bool ParseClosePath();
  bool ParseLineto(bool aAbsCoords);
  bool ParseHorizontalLineto(bool aAbsCoords);
  bool ParseVerticalLineto(bool aAbsCoords);
  bool ParseCurveto(bool aAbsCoords);
  bool ParseSmoothCurveto(bool aAbsCoords);
  bool ParseQuadBezierCurveto(bool aAbsCoords);
  bool ParseSmoothQuadBezierCurveto(bool aAbsCoords);
  bool ParseEllipticalArc(bool aAbsCoords);

  mozilla::SVGPathData * const mPathSegList;

class nsSVGArcConverter
  typedef mozilla::gfx::Point Point;

  nsSVGArcConverter(const Point& from,
                    const Point& to,
                    const Point& radii,
                    double angle,
                    bool largeArcFlag,
                    bool sweepFlag);
  bool GetNextSegment(Point* cp1, Point* cp2, Point* to);
  int32_t mNumSegs, mSegIndex;
  double mTheta, mDelta, mT;
  double mSinPhi, mCosPhi;
  double mRx, mRy;
  Point mFrom, mC;