author Bryce Van Dyk <>
Tue, 11 Dec 2018 20:55:26 +0000
changeset 450157 b3a9872c08d7d3254e3db718c24529c94a9d96db
parent 431355 a8e3b457c43d7686b915463c93ad9aeb5b737f82
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Bug 1513042 - Update mp4parse-rust to v0.11.2. r=jya Update mp4parse-rust update script and pull the new version. This update changes the mp4parse C-API. Specifically, each track can now have multiple sample descriptions. Previously we'd just exposed the first for the entire track, and if others were available they were not exposed via the API. Because of the API change, we update the C++ interface with mp4parse-rust. We now inspect the sample info to make sure they're consistent with the parsers expectations: - Only a single codec is present for a track, multiple codecs in a track will result in us returning an error. - Only 0 or 1 crypto info is present for a track, more than one set of info will result in us returning an error. We still generalize some of the first sample info to the samples of the track, as we did before this patch. However, we will now catch the above cases explicitly. We now handle crypto information if it is not present on the first sample info. The parser will iterate through sample infos and use the first set of crypto info it finds (and fail if it finds 2+). Differential Revision:

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