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Bug 609499 - Crashtest for GIFs that abruptly terminate their LZW data. r=jrmuizel

load 83804-1.gif
load 89341-1.gif

# the following tests were inspired by bug 525326
# they have image sizes of 65535x65535 which is larger than we allow
load invalid-size.gif
# this image has a valid size for the first frame, but the second frame is 65535x65535
load invalid-size-second-frame.gif

# Animated gifs with a very large canvas, but tiny actual content.
asserts(2) load delaytest.html?523528-1.gif # Bug 564231
load delaytest.html?523528-2.gif

# this would have exposed the leak discovered in bug 642902
load invalid-icc-profile.jpg

# maximum (256) width and height icons that we currently (due to bug 668068)
# interpret as 0-width and 0-height.
load 256-width.ico
load 256-height.ico

# GIFs with LZW data that isn't terminated properly.
load invalid-lzw-end1.gif
load invalid-lzw-end2.gif