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Bug 840898. Flag our nullable return value as actually being nullable. r=tbsaunde

load 105619-1.html
load 147777-1.html
load 187671-1.html
load 192408-1.html
load 286707-1.html
load 285727-1.html
load 317561-1.html
load 330998-1.html
load 363950.html
load 368175-1.html
load 368740.html
load 379788-1.html
load 383979-1.xhtml
load 383979-2.html
load 386939-1.html
load 391034-1.xhtml
load 397022-1.html
load 399289-1.svg
load 404470-1.html
load 411603-1.html
load 412588-1.html
asserts-if(winWidget,2) load 413274-1.xhtml # Bug 576435
load 416461-1.xul
load 418007-1.xhtml
load 431705-1.xul
load 432561-1.html
load 437170-1.html
load 437532-1.html
skip load 439184-1.html # skip until we figure out how to test this
load 444237-1.html
load 444848-1.html 
load 447776-1.html
load 447783-1.html
load 448161-1.html
load 448161-2.html
load 452150-1.xhtml
load 456196.html
load 460217-1.html
load 460323-1.html
load 466845-1.html
load 469432-1.xhtml
load 472195-1.html
load 472237-1.html # will fail, test for leak (474704)
HTTP(..) load 472237-1.html
load 473720-1.html
load 473892-1.html
load 473914-1.html
load 478321-1.xhtml
load 512851-1.xhtml
load 539613-1.xhtml
load 588627-1.html
skip load long-url-list-stack-overflow.html # skipped due to being slow (bug 477490)
load 495269-1.html
load 495269-2.html
load 498036-1.html
load 509155-1.html
load 509156-1.html
load 509569-1.html
load 524252-1.html
load font-face-truncated-src.html 
load 536789-1.html
load 565248-1.html
load 558943-1.xhtml
load 571105-1.xhtml
load 573127-1.html
load 580685.html
load 592698-1.html
load 601437-1.html
load 601439-1.html
load 605689-1.html
load 645142.html
load 611922-1.html
== 645951-1.html 645951-1-ref.html
load 665209-1.html
asserts(2) load 671799-1.html
asserts(2) load 671799-2.html
load 690990-1.html
load 696188-1.html
load 700116.html
load 729126-1.html
load 729126-2.html
skip-if(Android||browserIsRemote) load 786108-1.html # Bug 795534
skip-if(browserIsRemote) load 786108-2.html # Bug 795534
load 788836.html
load 806310-1.html
load 812824.html
load 822842.html
load 822766-1.html
load 827591-1.html
load 840898.html