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Bug 626855 Crash: trying to scroll HTML page with frameset r=cjones a=blocking-fennec

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * An optional interface for accessing the HTTP or
 * javascript cookie object

typedef long nsCookieStatus;
typedef long nsCookiePolicy;

[scriptable, uuid(E9FCB9A4-D376-458f-B720-E65E7DF593BC)]

interface nsICookie : nsISupports {

     * the name of the cookie
    readonly attribute ACString name;

     * the cookie value
    readonly attribute ACString value;

     * true if the cookie is a domain cookie, false otherwise
    readonly attribute boolean isDomain;

     * the host (possibly fully qualified) of the cookie
    readonly attribute AUTF8String host;

     * the path pertaining to the cookie
    readonly attribute AUTF8String path;

     * true if the cookie was transmitted over ssl, false otherwise
    readonly attribute boolean isSecure;

     * @DEPRECATED use nsICookie2.expiry and nsICookie2.isSession instead.
     * expiration time in seconds since midnight (00:00:00), January 1, 1970 UTC.
     * expires = 0 represents a session cookie.
     * expires = 1 represents an expiration time earlier than Jan 1, 1970.
    readonly attribute PRUint64 expires;

     * @DEPRECATED status implementation will return STATUS_UNKNOWN in all cases.
    const nsCookieStatus STATUS_UNKNOWN=0;
    const nsCookieStatus STATUS_ACCEPTED=1;
    const nsCookieStatus STATUS_DOWNGRADED=2;
    const nsCookieStatus STATUS_FLAGGED=3;
    const nsCookieStatus STATUS_REJECTED=4;
    readonly attribute nsCookieStatus status;

     * @DEPRECATED policy implementation will return POLICY_UNKNOWN in all cases.
    const nsCookiePolicy POLICY_UNKNOWN=0;
    const nsCookiePolicy POLICY_NONE=1;
    const nsCookiePolicy POLICY_NO_CONSENT=2;
    const nsCookiePolicy POLICY_IMPLICIT_CONSENT=3;
    const nsCookiePolicy POLICY_EXPLICIT_CONSENT=4;
    const nsCookiePolicy POLICY_NO_II=5;
    readonly attribute nsCookiePolicy policy;