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Provide API in xpcom macutils for determining universal binary type. b=572125 r=benwa

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * nsIMacUtils: Generic globally-available Mac-specific utilities.

[scriptable, uuid(5E9072D7-FF95-455E-9466-8AF9841A72EC)]
interface nsIMacUtils : nsISupports
   * True when the main executable is a fat file supporting at least
   * ppc and x86 (universal binary).
  readonly attribute boolean isUniversalBinary;

   * Returns a string containing a list of architectures delimited
   * by "-". Architecture sets are always in the same order:
   * ppc > i386 > ppc64 > x86_64 > (future additions)
  readonly attribute AString architecturesInBinary;

   * True when running under binary translation (Rosetta).
  readonly attribute boolean isTranslated;