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Bug 1481998 - Make mozilla::Hash{Map,Set}'s entry storage allocation lazy. r=luke,sfink Entry storage allocation now occurs on the first lookupForAdd()/put()/putNew(). This removes the need for init() and initialized(), and matches how PLDHashTable/nsTHashtable work. It also removes the need for init() functions in a lot of types that are built on top of mozilla::Hash{Map,Set}. Pros: - No need for init() calls and subsequent checks. - No memory allocated for empty tables, which are not that uncommon. Cons: - An extra branch in lookup() and lookupForAdd(), but not in put()/putNew(), because the existing checkOverloaded() can handle it. Specifics: - Construction now can take a length parameter. - init() is removed. Explicit length-setting, when necessary, now occurs in the constructors. - initialized() is removed. - capacity() now returns zero when the entry storage is absent. - lookupForAdd() is no longer `const`, because it can instantiate the storage, which requires modifications. - lookupForAdd() can now return an invalid AddPtr in two cases: - old: hashing failure (due to OOM in the hasher) - new: OOM while instantiating entry storage The existing failure handling paths for the old case work for the new case. - clear(), finish(), and clearAndShrink() are replaced by clear(), compact(), and reserve(). The old compactIfUnderloaded() is also removed. - Capacity computation code is now in its own functions, bestCapacity() and hashShift(). setTableSizeLog2() is removed. - uint32_t is used throughout for capacities, instead of size_t, for consistency with other similar values. - changeTableSize() now takes a capacity instead of a deltaLog2, and it can now handle !mTable. Measurements: - Total source code size is reduced by over 900 lines. Also, lots of existing lines got shorter (i.e. two checks were reduced to one). - Executable size barely changed, down by 2 KiB on Linux64. The extra branches are compensated for by the lack of init() calls. - Speed changed negligibly. The instruction count for Bench_Cpp_MozHash increased from 2.84 billion to 2.89 billion but any execution time change was well below noise.

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