author Shawn Wilsher <>
Thu, 03 Feb 2011 11:54:18 -0800
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closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030

The source from this directory was copied from the libtheora-1.0
source distribution using the script. The changes made were
those applied by, the addition/update of files
for the Mozilla build system and the patch in bug below.

bug498770.patch - Enable optimized theora code in windows build
Bug 455357 - WinCE LibTheora Pre-defined Macro usage in local variable
  This patch is needed for building WinCE / WinMobile because the 
  Mozilla WinCE Shunt Library currently includes windows.h header file,
  which causes a conflict with local variables in the oc_dering_block()
  function.  This issue should be cleared up soon, with a reworking of 
  the WinCE Shunt Library (Bug 456788 - reduce windows ce shunt impact).  
  Until then, this simple patch allows WinCE to finish compiling.

bug498815.patch: Fix for this bug from libtheora svn r16143.
bug498824.patch: Fix for this bug from libtheora thusnelda branch.