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Bug 1145631 - Part 1: Replace MOZ_OVERRIDE and MOZ_FINAL with override and final in the tree; r=froydnj This patch was automatically generated using the following script: function convert() { echo "Converting $1 to $2..." find . \ ! -wholename "*/.git*" \ ! -wholename "obj-ff-dbg*" \ -type f \ \( -iname "*.cpp" \ -o -iname "*.h" \ -o -iname "*.c" \ -o -iname "*.cc" \ -o -iname "*.idl" \ -o -iname "*.ipdl" \ -o -iname "*.ipdlh" \ -o -iname "*.mm" \) | \ xargs -n 1 sed -i -e "s/\b$1\b/$2/g" } convert MOZ_OVERRIDE override convert MOZ_FINAL final

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_bluetooth_bluedroid_bluetoothhalinterface_h__
#define mozilla_dom_bluetooth_bluedroid_bluetoothhalinterface_h__

#include <hardware/bluetooth.h>
#include "BluetoothInterface.h"


class BluetoothHALInterface final : public BluetoothInterface
  static BluetoothHALInterface* GetInstance();

  void Init(BluetoothNotificationHandler* aNotificationHandler,
            BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void Cleanup(BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  void Enable(BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void Disable(BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  /* Adapter Properties */

  void GetAdapterProperties(BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void GetAdapterProperty(const nsAString& aName,
                          BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void SetAdapterProperty(const BluetoothNamedValue& aProperty,
                          BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  /* Remote Device Properties */

  void GetRemoteDeviceProperties(const nsAString& aRemoteAddr,
                                 BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void GetRemoteDeviceProperty(const nsAString& aRemoteAddr,
                               const nsAString& aName,
                               BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void SetRemoteDeviceProperty(const nsAString& aRemoteAddr,
                               const BluetoothNamedValue& aProperty,
                               BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  /* Remote Services */

  void GetRemoteServiceRecord(const nsAString& aRemoteAddr,
                              const uint8_t aUuid[16],
                              BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void GetRemoteServices(const nsAString& aRemoteAddr,
                         BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  /* Discovery */

  void StartDiscovery(BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void CancelDiscovery(BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  /* Bonds */

  void CreateBond(const nsAString& aBdAddr, BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void RemoveBond(const nsAString& aBdAddr, BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void CancelBond(const nsAString& aBdAddr, BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  /* Authentication */

  void PinReply(const nsAString& aBdAddr, bool aAccept,
                const nsAString& aPinCode,
                BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  void SspReply(const nsAString& aBdAddr, const nsAString& aVariant,
                bool aAccept, uint32_t aPasskey,
                BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  /* DUT Mode */

  void DutModeConfigure(bool aEnable, BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);
  void DutModeSend(uint16_t aOpcode, uint8_t* aBuf, uint8_t aLen,
                   BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  /* LE Mode */

  void LeTestMode(uint16_t aOpcode, uint8_t* aBuf, uint8_t aLen,
                  BluetoothResultHandler* aRes);

  /* Profile Interfaces */

  BluetoothSocketInterface* GetBluetoothSocketInterface();
  BluetoothHandsfreeInterface* GetBluetoothHandsfreeInterface();
  BluetoothA2dpInterface* GetBluetoothA2dpInterface();
  BluetoothAvrcpInterface* GetBluetoothAvrcpInterface();
  BluetoothGattInterface* GetBluetoothGattInterface();

  BluetoothHALInterface(const bt_interface_t* aInterface);

  template <class T>
  T* CreateProfileInterface();

  template <class T>
  T* GetProfileInterface();

  const bt_interface_t* mInterface;