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#ifndef nsView_h___
#define nsView_h___

#include "nsIView.h"
#include "nsRegion.h"
#include "nsRect.h"
#include "nsCRT.h"
#include "nsIFactory.h"
#include "nsEvent.h"
#include <stdio.h>


class nsIViewManager;
class nsViewManager;

class nsView : public nsIView
  nsView(nsViewManager* aViewManager = nsnull,
         nsViewVisibility aVisibility = nsViewVisibility_kShow);


  NS_IMETHOD  QueryInterface(const nsIID& aIID, void** aInstancePtr);

   * Called to indicate that the position of the view has been changed.
   * The specified coordinates are in the parent view's coordinate space.
   * @param x new x position
   * @param y new y position
  virtual void SetPosition(nscoord aX, nscoord aY);
   * Called to indicate that the dimensions of the view have been changed.
   * The x and y coordinates may be < 0, indicating that the view extends above
   * or to the left of its origin position.
  virtual void SetDimensions(const nsRect &aRect, PRBool aPaint = PR_TRUE,
                             PRBool aResizeWidget = PR_TRUE);
  void GetDimensions(nsRect &aRect) const { aRect = mDimBounds; aRect.x -= mPosX; aRect.y -= mPosY; }
  void GetDimensions(nsSize &aSize) const { aSize.width = mDimBounds.width; aSize.height = mDimBounds.height; }

   * Called to indicate that the visibility of a view has been
   * changed.
   * @param visibility new visibility state
  NS_IMETHOD  SetVisibility(nsViewVisibility visibility);

   * Called to indicate that the z-index of a view has been changed.
   * The z-index is relative to all siblings of the view.
   * @param aAuto Indicate that the z-index of a view is "auto". An "auto" z-index
   * means that the view does not define a new stacking context,
   * which means that the z-indicies of the view's children are
   * relative to the view's siblings.
   * @param zindex new z depth
  void SetZIndex(PRBool aAuto, PRInt32 aZIndex, PRBool aTopMost);

   * Set/Get whether the view "floats" above all other views,
   * which tells the compositor not to consider higher views in
   * the view hierarchy that would geometrically intersect with
   * this view. This is a hack, but it fixes some problems with
   * views that need to be drawn in front of all other views.
   * @result PR_TRUE if the view floats, PR_FALSE otherwise.
  NS_IMETHOD  SetFloating(PRBool aFloatingView);

  // Helper function to get the view that's associated with a widget
  static nsView* GetViewFor(nsIWidget* aWidget) {
    return static_cast<nsView*>(nsIView::GetViewFor(aWidget));

  // Helper function to get mouse grabbing off this view (by moving it to the
  // parent, if we can)
  void DropMouseGrabbing();

  // NOT in nsIView, so only available in view module
  // These are also present in nsIView, but these versions return nsView and nsViewManager
  // instead of nsIView and nsIViewManager.
  nsView* GetFirstChild() const { return mFirstChild; }
  nsView* GetNextSibling() const { return mNextSibling; }
  nsView* GetParent() const { return mParent; }
  nsViewManager* GetViewManager() const { return mViewManager; }
  // These are superceded by a better interface in nsIView
  PRInt32 GetZIndex() const { return mZIndex; }
  PRBool GetZIndexIsAuto() const { return (mVFlags & NS_VIEW_FLAG_AUTO_ZINDEX) != 0; }
  // This is a better interface than GetDimensions(nsRect&) above
  nsRect GetDimensions() const { nsRect r = mDimBounds; r.MoveBy(-mPosX, -mPosY); return r; }
  // These are defined exactly the same in nsIView, but for now they have to be redeclared
  // here because of stupid C++ method hiding rules

  PRBool HasNonEmptyDirtyRegion() {
    return mDirtyRegion && !mDirtyRegion->IsEmpty();
  nsRegion* GetDirtyRegion() {
    if (!mDirtyRegion) {
      NS_ASSERTION(!mParent || GetFloating(),
                   "Only display roots should have dirty regions");
      mDirtyRegion = new nsRegion();
      NS_ASSERTION(mDirtyRegion, "Out of memory!");
    return mDirtyRegion;

  void InsertChild(nsView *aChild, nsView *aSibling);
  void RemoveChild(nsView *aChild);

  void SetParent(nsView *aParent) { mParent = aParent; }
  void SetNextSibling(nsView *aSibling) { mNextSibling = aSibling; }

  PRUint32 GetViewFlags() const { return mVFlags; }
  void SetViewFlags(PRUint32 aFlags) { mVFlags = aFlags; }

  void SetTopMost(PRBool aTopMost) { aTopMost ? mVFlags |= NS_VIEW_FLAG_TOPMOST : mVFlags &= ~NS_VIEW_FLAG_TOPMOST; }
  PRBool IsTopMost() { return((mVFlags & NS_VIEW_FLAG_TOPMOST) != 0); }

  // Don't use this method when you want to adjust an nsPoint.
  // Just write "pt += view->GetPosition();"
  // When everything's converted to nsPoint, this can go away.
  void ConvertToParentCoords(nscoord* aX, nscoord* aY) const { *aX += mPosX; *aY += mPosY; }
  // Don't use this method when you want to adjust an nsPoint.
  // Just write "pt -= view->GetPosition();"
  // When everything's converted to nsPoint, this can go away.
  void ConvertFromParentCoords(nscoord* aX, nscoord* aY) const { *aX -= mPosX; *aY -= mPosY; }
  void ResetWidgetBounds(PRBool aRecurse, PRBool aMoveOnly, PRBool aInvalidateChangedSize);
  void SetPositionIgnoringChildWidgets(nscoord aX, nscoord aY);
  nsresult LoadWidget(const nsCID &aClassIID);

  void NotifyEffectiveVisibilityChanged(PRBool aEffectivelyVisible);

  // Update the cached RootViewManager for all view manager descendents,
  // If the hierarchy is being removed, aViewManagerParent points to the view
  // manager for the hierarchy's old parent, and will have its mouse grab
  // released if it points to any view in this view hierarchy.
  void InvalidateHierarchy(nsViewManager *aViewManagerParent);

  virtual ~nsView();

  // This is an app unit offset to add when converting view coordinates to
  // widget coordinates.  It is the offset in view coordinates from widget
  // top-left to view top-left.
  nsPoint ViewToWidgetOffset() const {
    if (mParent && mParent->GetViewManager() != GetViewManager()) {
      // The document root view's mViewToWidgetOffset is always (0,0).
      // If it has a parent view, the parent view must be the inner view
      // for an nsSubdocumentFrame; its top-left position in appunits
      // is always positioned at that inner view's top-left, and its
      // widget top-left is always positioned at that inner view's widget's
      // top-left, so its ViewToWidgetOffset is actually the same as
      // its parent's.
      return mParent->ViewToWidgetOffset();
    return mViewToWidgetOffset;

  // Do the actual work of ResetWidgetBounds, unconditionally.  Don't
  // call this method if we have no widget.
  void DoResetWidgetBounds(PRBool aMoveOnly, PRBool aInvalidateChangedSize);

  nsRegion*    mDirtyRegion;