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Bug 616778 - Part 2: Update NPOTB files in gfx/ycbcr. r=kinetik, a=NPOTB

This color conversion code is from the Chromium open source project available here:

The code comes from svn revision 63840 on 2010-10-26.

The code was copied from a Chromium svn checkout using the '' script which then applies patches for our build and to add dynamic CPU detection.

convert.patch contains the following changes:

  * Change Chromium code to build using Mozilla build system.
  * Add runtime CPU detection for MMX
  * Move default C implementation to work on all platforms.
  * Change Chromium code to allow a picture region.
  * The YUV conversion will convert within this picture region only.
  * Add YCbCr 4:4:4 support
  * Bug 616469 - Add YCbCr to rgb16_565 conversion support.
  * Bug 619178 - Update CPU detection in yuv_convert to new SSE.h interface.
  * Bug 616778 - Split yuv_convert FilterRows vectorized code into separate files so it can
    be properly guarded with cpuid() calls.