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#include "nsISupports.idl"



 * Represents one locale, which can be used for things like sorting text strings
 * and formatting numbers, dates and times.
[scriptable, uuid(21035ee0-4556-11d3-91cd-00105aa3f7dc)]
interface nsILocale : nsISupports
     * Get the locale code for a given category.
     * A locale code is of the form language[-COUNTRY[-region]], where
     * "language" is an ISO 639 language code (two letter codes preferred over
     * three letter codes when available), "COUNTRY" is an ISO 3166 two letter
     * country code, and "region" is a string of up to 5 letters.
     * A category is one of the following:
     * NSILOCALE_CTYPE: Character classification and case conversion.
     * NSILOCALE_COLLATE: Collation order. How strings are sorted.
     * NSILOCALE_MONETARY: Monetary formatting.
     * NSILOCALE_NUMERIC: Numeric, non-monetary formatting.
     * NSILOCALE_TIME: Date and time formats.
     * NSILOCALE_MESSAGES: Related to fonts, character encodings etc.
     * @param category
     *        The category of interest.
     * @return The locale code to be used for the given category.
    AString getCategory(in AString category);