author Jagmeet Bhamber <>
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 20:56:24 +0000
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Bug 1508823 - Enable ESLint for dom/browser-element (manual changes). r=mccr8 Depends on D21215 Differential Revision:


  <!-- Try to load in a frame a cross-origin page which sends:
     "X-Frame-Options: Allow-From http://mochi.test:8888/",
       and a cross-origin page which sends
     "X-Frame-Options: Allow-From". -->


// Make sure these iframes aren't too tall; they both need to fit inside the
// iframe this page is contained in, without scrolling, in order for the test's
// screenshots to work properly.

var frame_src = "";

var iframe1 = document.createElement("iframe");
iframe1.height = "300px";
var iframe2 = document.createElement("iframe");
iframe2.height = "300px";

iframe1.addEventListener("load", function() {
  // This causes our embedder to take a screenshot (and blocks until the
  // screenshot is completed).
  iframe2.addEventListener("load", function() {
  }, {once: true});

  iframe2.src = frame_src;
}, {once: true});

iframe1.src = frame_src + "?iframe1";