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Bug 1547218 - Part 2: Stop special casing pointer types in ParamTraits specialization, r=froydnj Differential Revision:

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#include "mozilla/dom/DocShellMessageUtils.h"
#include "nsISerializable.h"
#include "nsSerializationHelper.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace ipc {

void IPDLParamTraits<nsDocShellLoadState*>::Write(IPC::Message* aMsg,
                                                  IProtocol* aActor,
                                                  nsDocShellLoadState* aParam) {
  WriteIPDLParam(aMsg, aActor, aParam->Serialize());

bool IPDLParamTraits<nsDocShellLoadState*>::Read(
    const IPC::Message* aMsg, PickleIterator* aIter, IProtocol* aActor,
    RefPtr<nsDocShellLoadState>* aResult) {
  DocShellLoadStateInit loadState;
  if (!ReadIPDLParam(aMsg, aIter, aActor, &loadState)) {
    return false;

  // Assert if we somehow don't have a URI in our IPDL type, because we can't
  // construct anything out of it. This mimics the assertion in the constructor
  // for nsDocShellLoadState, but makes it clearer that the
  // DocShellLoadStateInit IPC object can't be clearly converted into a
  // nsDocShellLoadState.

  *aResult = new nsDocShellLoadState(loadState);
  return true;

}  // namespace ipc
}  // namespace mozilla