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Bug 1356679 - Add infer-out to .hgignore r=sebastian Infer dumps a whole load of temporary output, in addition to the actual report, under infer-out. We don't want to accidentally commit that. MozReview-Commit-ID: Jtpt4rhDwF5

skip-check-length = false
skip-check-licenses = false
check-ordered-json-keys = [
lint-scripts = [

# Packages which we avoid using in Servo.
# For each blocked package, we can list the exceptions,
# which are packages allowed to use the blocked package.
rand = [
num = []

# Ignored packages with duplicated versions
packages = []
# Files that are ignored for all tidy and lint checks.
files = [
  # Helper macro where actually a pseudo-element per line makes sense.
  # Generated and upstream code combined with our own. Could use cleanup
  # Ignore those files since the issues reported are on purpose
  # Tidy complains about taking &String instead of &str, but they aren't
  # equivalent given the way the traits are set up.
# Directories that are ignored for the non-WPT tidy check.
directories = [
  # Upstream
  # Generated and upstream code combined with our own. Could use cleanup

# Directories that are checked for correct file extension
# directory, list of expected file extensions
"./components/script/dom/webidls" = [".webidl"]