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Tue, 16 Oct 2018 13:26:23 +0000
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Bug 1498404 - Fix some errors in manifests r=froydnj In FxAccountsComponents.manifest, the previous line registers the component CID, but only for the main process. This means we hit an error while parsing the manifest in the child process, because the CID is not recognized. The fix is simply to not try to use the CID to register the contract in the child process. As for the rest of the changes, since bug 1438688, XPT information is compiled into the Firefox binary, so the interfaces manifest entry is no longer needed. This patch removes instances of this line from manifest files. This makes some manifest files empty, so the patch also removes the now-empty files. Differential Revision:

# FxAccountsPush.js
component {1b7db999-2ecd-4abf-bb95-a726896798ca} FxAccountsPush.js process=main
contract;1 {1b7db999-2ecd-4abf-bb95-a726896798ca} process=main
category push chrome://fxa-device-update;1