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Bug 1277338 - Part 7: Export mozglue when JS_STANDALONE && !jemalloc; r=glandium,sfink This makes sure that: * We don't define `MOZ_GLUE_IN_PROGRAM` so that everything in mozglue gets defined. * `MFBT_API`'s symbol export rules match `JS_PUBLIC_API` and `EXPORT_JS_API`. * We add mozglue to SpiderMonkey's `USE_LIBS` when jemalloc is disabled.

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    content/browser/aboutPrivateBrowsing.css              (content/aboutPrivateBrowsing.css)
    content/browser/aboutPrivateBrowsing.xhtml            (content/aboutPrivateBrowsing.xhtml)
    content/browser/aboutPrivateBrowsing.js               (content/aboutPrivateBrowsing.js)