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Bug 1373739 - Constrain widget size to screen size in headless mode. r=jrmuizel Every other widget backend ensures widget size is bounded to screen size, but this check was missing from headless. MozReview-Commit-ID: 6bKIAkdRxoO

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include protocol PContent;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

/* This protocol bridges async access to the database thread running on the
 * parent process and caches running on the child process.
nested(upto inside_cpow) sync protocol PStorage
  manager PContent;

  async __delete__();

  nested(inside_cpow) sync Preload(nsCString originSuffix,
                                   nsCString originNoSuffix,
                                   uint32_t alreadyLoadedCount)
    returns (nsString[] keys, nsString[] values, nsresult rv);

  async AsyncPreload(nsCString originSuffix, nsCString originNoSuffix,
                     bool priority);
  async AsyncGetUsage(nsCString scope);
  async AsyncAddItem(nsCString originSuffix, nsCString originNoSuffix,
                     nsString key, nsString value);
  async AsyncUpdateItem(nsCString originSuffix, nsCString originNoSuffix,
                        nsString key, nsString value);
  async AsyncRemoveItem(nsCString originSuffix, nsCString originNoSuffix,
                        nsString key);
  async AsyncClear(nsCString originSuffix, nsCString originNoSuffix);
  async AsyncFlush();
  async Observe(nsCString topic,
                nsString originAttributesPattern,
                nsCString originScope);
  async OriginsHavingData(nsCString[] origins);
  async LoadItem(nsCString originSuffix, nsCString originNoSuffix, nsString key,
                 nsString value);
  async LoadDone(nsCString originSuffix, nsCString originNoSuffix, nsresult rv);
  async LoadUsage(nsCString scope, int64_t usage);
  async Error(nsresult rv);