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Bug 579517 - Part 1: Automated conversion of NSPR numeric types to stdint types in Gecko; r=bsmedberg This patch was generated by a script. Here's the source of the script for future reference: function convert() { echo "Converting $1 to $2..." find . ! -wholename "*nsprpub*" \ ! -wholename "*security/nss*" \ ! -wholename "*/.hg*" \ ! -wholename "obj-ff-dbg*" \ ! -name nsXPCOMCID.h \ ! -name prtypes.h \ -type f \ \( -iname "*.cpp" \ -o -iname "*.h" \ -o -iname "*.c" \ -o -iname "*.cc" \ -o -iname "*.idl" \ -o -iname "*.ipdl" \ -o -iname "*.ipdlh" \ -o -iname "*.mm" \) | \ xargs -n 1 sed -i -e "s/\b$1\b/$2/g" } convert PRInt8 int8_t convert PRUint8 uint8_t convert PRInt16 int16_t convert PRUint16 uint16_t convert PRInt32 int32_t convert PRUint32 uint32_t convert PRInt64 int64_t convert PRUint64 uint64_t convert PRIntn int convert PRUintn unsigned convert PRSize size_t convert PROffset32 int32_t convert PROffset64 int64_t convert PRPtrdiff ptrdiff_t convert PRFloat64 double

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */


#include "txCore.h"
#include "txStack.h"
#include "txXMLUtils.h"
#include "txIXPathContext.h"
#include "txVariableMap.h"
#include "nsTHashtable.h"
#include "nsHashKeys.h"
#include "txKey.h"
#include "txStylesheet.h"
#include "txXPathTreeWalker.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"

class txAOutputHandlerFactory;
class txAXMLEventHandler;
class txInstruction;
class txIOutputHandlerFactory;

class txLoadedDocumentEntry : public nsStringHashKey
    txLoadedDocumentEntry(KeyTypePointer aStr) : nsStringHashKey(aStr),
    txLoadedDocumentEntry(const txLoadedDocumentEntry& aToCopy)
        : nsStringHashKey(aToCopy)
        NS_ERROR("We're horked.");
        if (mDocument) {
    bool LoadingFailed()
        NS_ASSERTION(NS_SUCCEEDED(mLoadResult) || !mDocument,
                     "Load failed but we still got a document?");

        return NS_FAILED(mLoadResult);

    nsAutoPtr<txXPathNode> mDocument;
    nsresult mLoadResult;

class txLoadedDocumentsHash : public nsTHashtable<txLoadedDocumentEntry>
    nsresult init(txXPathNode* aSourceDocument);

    friend class txExecutionState;
    txXPathNode* mSourceDocument;

class txExecutionState : public txIMatchContext
    txExecutionState(txStylesheet* aStylesheet, bool aDisableLoads);
    nsresult init(const txXPathNode& aNode,
                  txOwningExpandedNameMap<txIGlobalParameter>* aGlobalParams);
    nsresult end(nsresult aResult);


     * Struct holding information about a current template rule
    class TemplateRule {
        txStylesheet::ImportFrame* mFrame;
        int32_t mModeNsId;
        nsCOMPtr<nsIAtom> mModeLocalName;
        txVariableMap* mParams;

    // Stack functions
    nsresult pushEvalContext(txIEvalContext* aContext);
    txIEvalContext* popEvalContext();
    nsresult pushBool(bool aBool);
    bool popBool();
    nsresult pushResultHandler(txAXMLEventHandler* aHandler);
    txAXMLEventHandler* popResultHandler();
    void pushTemplateRule(txStylesheet::ImportFrame* aFrame,
                          const txExpandedName& aMode,
                          txVariableMap* aParams);
    void popTemplateRule();
    nsresult pushParamMap(txVariableMap* aParams);
    txVariableMap* popParamMap();

    // state-getting functions
    txIEvalContext* getEvalContext();
    const txXPathNode* retrieveDocument(const nsAString& aUri);
    nsresult getKeyNodes(const txExpandedName& aKeyName,
                         const txXPathNode& aRoot,
                         const nsAString& aKeyValue, bool aIndexIfNotFound,
                         txNodeSet** aResult);
    TemplateRule* getCurrentTemplateRule();
    const txXPathNode& getSourceDocument()
                     "Need a source document!");

        return *mLoadedDocuments.mSourceDocument;

    // state-modification functions
    txInstruction* getNextInstruction();
    nsresult runTemplate(txInstruction* aInstruction);
    nsresult runTemplate(txInstruction* aInstruction,
                         txInstruction* aReturnTo);
    void gotoInstruction(txInstruction* aNext);
    void returnFromTemplate();
    nsresult bindVariable(const txExpandedName& aName,
                          txAExprResult* aValue);
    void removeVariable(const txExpandedName& aName);

    txAXMLEventHandler* mOutputHandler;
    txAXMLEventHandler* mResultHandler;
    nsAutoPtr<txAXMLEventHandler> mObsoleteHandler;
    txAOutputHandlerFactory* mOutputHandlerFactory;

    nsAutoPtr<txVariableMap> mTemplateParams;

    nsRefPtr<txStylesheet> mStylesheet;

    txStack mReturnStack;
    txStack mLocalVarsStack;
    txStack mEvalContextStack;
    nsTArray<bool> mBoolStack;
    txStack mResultHandlerStack;
    txStack mParamStack;
    txInstruction* mNextInstruction;
    txVariableMap* mLocalVariables;
    txVariableMap mGlobalVariableValues;
    nsRefPtr<txAExprResult> mGlobalVarPlaceholderValue;
    int32_t mRecursionDepth;

    AutoInfallibleTArray<TemplateRule, 10> mTemplateRules;

    txIEvalContext* mEvalContext;
    txIEvalContext* mInitialEvalContext;
    //Document* mRTFDocument;
    txOwningExpandedNameMap<txIGlobalParameter>* mGlobalParams;

    txLoadedDocumentsHash mLoadedDocuments;
    txKeyHash mKeyHash;
    nsRefPtr<txResultRecycler> mRecycler;
    bool mDisableLoads;

    static const int32_t kMaxRecursionDepth;