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Bug 838559 - Convert HTMLMenuElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger, r=peterv

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#error GLContextProviderImpl.h must only be included from GLContextProvider.h

#error GL_CONTEXT_PROVIDER_NAME not defined

    typedef GLContext::ContextFlags ContextFlags;
     * Create a context that renders to the surface of the widget that is
     * passed in.  The context is always created with an RGB pixel format,
     * with no alpha, depth or stencil.  If any of those features are needed,
     * either use a framebuffer, or use CreateOffscreen.
     * This context will attempt to share resources with all other window
     * contexts.  As such, it's critical that resources allocated that are not
     * needed by other contexts be deleted before the context is destroyed.
     * The GetSharedContext() method will return non-null if sharing
     * was successful.
     * Note: a context created for a widget /must not/ hold a strong
     * reference to the widget; otherwise a cycle can be created through
     * a GL layer manager.
     * @param aWidget Widget whose surface to create a context for
     * @return Context to use for the window
    static already_AddRefed<GLContext>
    CreateForWindow(nsIWidget *aWidget);

     * Create a context for offscreen rendering.  The target of this
     * context should be treated as opaque -- it might be a FBO, or a
     * pbuffer, or some other construct.  Users of this GLContext
     * should not bind framebuffer 0 directly, and instead should bind
     * the framebuffer returned by GetOffscreenFBO().
     * The offscreen context returned by this method will always have
     * the ability to be rendered into a context created by a window.
     * It might or might not share resources with the global context;
     * query GetSharedContext() for a non-null result to check.  If
     * resource sharing can be avoided on the target platform, it will
     * be, in order to isolate the offscreen context.
     * @param aSize The initial size of this offscreen context.
     * @param aFormat The ContextFormat for this offscreen context.
     * @return Context to use for offscreen rendering
    static already_AddRefed<GLContext>
    CreateOffscreen(const gfxIntSize& aSize,
                    const ContextFormat& aFormat = ContextFormat::BasicRGBA32Format,
                    const ContextFlags aFlags = GLContext::ContextFlagsNone);

     * Get a pointer to the global context, creating it if it doesn't exist.
    static GLContext *
    GetGlobalContext( const ContextFlags aFlags = GLContext::ContextFlagsNone);

     * Free any resources held by this Context Provider.
    static void