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Backed out changeset d7e412fddbbc (bug 1304919) for mass test failures on OS X 10.10 opt in tests which mock (encrypted?) connections. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE

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#ifndef libssl_internals_h_
#define libssl_internals_h_

#include <stdint.h>

#include "prio.h"
#include "seccomon.h"
#include "sslt.h"

SECStatus SSLInt_IncrementClientHandshakeVersion(PRFileDesc *fd);

PRUint32 SSLInt_DetermineKEABits(PRUint16 serverKeyBits,
                                 const SSLCipherSuiteInfo *info);

SECStatus SSLInt_UpdateSSLv2ClientRandom(PRFileDesc *fd, uint8_t *rnd,
                                         size_t rnd_len, uint8_t *msg,
                                         size_t msg_len);

PRBool SSLInt_ExtensionNegotiated(PRFileDesc *fd, PRUint16 ext);
void SSLInt_ClearSessionTicketKey();
PRInt32 SSLInt_CountTls13CipherSpecs(PRFileDesc *fd);
void SSLInt_ForceTimerExpiry(PRFileDesc *fd);
SECStatus SSLInt_SetMTU(PRFileDesc *fd, PRUint16 mtu);
PRBool SSLInt_CheckSecretsDestroyed(PRFileDesc *fd);
PRBool SSLInt_DamageHsTrafficSecret(PRFileDesc *fd);
PRBool SSLInt_DamageEarlyTrafficSecret(PRFileDesc *fd);
SECStatus SSLInt_Set0RttAlpn(PRFileDesc *fd, PRUint8 *data, unsigned int len);
PRBool SSLInt_HasCertWithAuthType(PRFileDesc *fd, SSLAuthType authType);
PRBool SSLInt_SendAlert(PRFileDesc *fd, uint8_t level, uint8_t type);
SECStatus SSLInt_AdvanceWriteSeqNum(PRFileDesc *fd, PRUint64 to);
SECStatus SSLInt_AdvanceReadSeqNum(PRFileDesc *fd, PRUint64 to);
SECStatus SSLInt_AdvanceWriteSeqByAWindow(PRFileDesc *fd, PRInt32 extra);

#endif  // ndef libssl_internals_h_