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Bug 1132673 - Removing the scope line from ServiceWorkerGlobalScope and changing the signature and body of getScope. r=nsm,baku

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interface ServiceWorkerGlobalScope : WorkerGlobalScope {
  // FIXME(nsm): Bug 982725
  // readonly attribute CacheList caches;

  readonly attribute Clients clients;

  // FIXME(nsm): Bug 995484
  // ResponsePromise<any> fetch((Request or [EnsureUTF16] DOMString) request);

  void update();

  Promise<boolean> unregister();

  attribute EventHandler oninstall;
  attribute EventHandler onactivate;
  attribute EventHandler onfetch;
  attribute EventHandler onbeforeevicted;
  attribute EventHandler onevicted;

  // The event.source of these MessageEvents are instances of Client
  attribute EventHandler onmessage;

  // close() method inherited from WorkerGlobalScope is not exposed.
  // FIXME(nsm): For now, overridden so it can be a no-op.
  void close();