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#ifndef __imgDiscardTracker_h__
#define __imgDiscardTracker_h__

#define DISCARD_TIMEOUT_PREF "image.mem.min_discard_timeout_ms"

class imgContainer;
class nsITimer;

// Struct to make an imgContainer insertable into the tracker list. This
// is embedded within each imgContainer object, and we do 'this->curr = this'
// on imgContainer construction. Thus, an imgContainer must always call
// imgDiscardTracker::Remove() in its destructor to avoid having the tracker
// point to bogus memory.
struct imgDiscardTrackerNode
  // Pointer to the imgContainer that this node tracks
  imgContainer *curr;

  // Pointers to the previous and next nodes in the list
  imgDiscardTrackerNode *prev, *next;

 * This static class maintains a linked list of imgContainer nodes. When Reset()
 * is called, the node is removed from its position in the list (if it was there
 * before) and appended to the end. When Remove() is called, the node is removed
 * from the list. The timer fires once every MIN_DISCARD_TIMEOUT_MS ms. When it
 * does, it calls Discard() on each container preceding it, and then appends
 * itself to the end of the list. Thus, the discard timeout varies between

class imgDiscardTracker
    static nsresult Reset(struct imgDiscardTrackerNode *node);
    static void Remove(struct imgDiscardTrackerNode *node);
    static void Shutdown();
    static void ReloadTimeout();
    static nsresult Initialize();
    static nsresult TimerOn();
    static void TimerOff();
    static void TimerCallback(nsITimer *aTimer, void *aClosure);

#endif /* __imgDiscardTracker_h__ */