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Bug 1299727 - Rename NS_WARN_IF_FALSE as NS_WARNING_ASSERTION. r=erahm. The new name makes the sense of the condition much clearer. E.g. compare: NS_WARN_IF_FALSE(!rv.Failed()); with: NS_WARNING_ASSERTION(!rv.Failed()); The new name also makes it clearer that it only has effect in debug builds, because that's standard for assertions.

Revision 0.0.5

- License updated to vanilla BSD 2-Clause to ease package use

Revision 0.0.4

- CMP structures (RFC4210), tool and test case added.
- SNMPv2c Message syntax (RFC1901) properly defined.
- Package version established in form of __init__.__version__
  which is in-sync with distutils.
- Package meta information and classifiers updated.

Revision 0.0.3

- Text cases implemented
- X.509 CRMF structures (RFC2511) and tool added
- X.509 CRL structures and tool added
- PKCS#10 structures and tool added
- PKCS#8 structures and tool added
- PKCS#1 (rfc3447) structures added
- OCSP request & response dumping tool added
- SNMPv2c & SNMPv3/USM structures added
- moved into
- PEM files read function generalized to be used more universally.
- complete PKIX1 '88 code implemented at

Revision 0.0.2

- Require pyasn1 >= 0.1.1
- Fixes towards Py3K compatibility
  + use either of existing urllib module
  + adopt to the new bytes type
  + print operator is now a function
  + new exception syntax

Revision 0.0.1a

- Initial revision, most code carried from pyasn1 examples.