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Bug 384269 - Mac perf regression from enabling libxul, r=luser

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#include "nsArrayEnumerator.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"
#include "nsILocalFile.h"
#include "nsIVariant.h"
#include "nsMIMEInfoWin.h"
#include "nsNetUtil.h"



nsMIMEInfoWin::LaunchDefaultWithFile(nsIFile* aFile)
  // Launch the file, unless it is an executable.
  nsCOMPtr<nsILocalFile> local(do_QueryInterface(aFile));
  if (!local)
    return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

  PRBool executable = PR_TRUE;
  if (executable)
    return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

  return local->Launch();

nsMIMEInfoWin::GetHasDefaultHandler(PRBool * _retval)
  // We have a default application if we have a description
  // We can ShellExecute anything; however, callers are probably interested if
  // there is really an application associated with this type of file
  *_retval = !mDefaultAppDescription.IsEmpty();
  return NS_OK;

nsMIMEInfoWin::GetEnumerator(nsISimpleEnumerator* *_retval)
  nsCOMArray<nsIVariant> properties;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIVariant> variant;
  GetProperty(NS_LITERAL_STRING("defaultApplicationIconURL"), getter_AddRefs(variant));
  if (variant)

  GetProperty(NS_LITERAL_STRING("customApplicationIconURL"), getter_AddRefs(variant));
  if (variant)

  return NS_NewArrayEnumerator(_retval, properties);

static nsresult GetIconURLVariant(nsIFile* aApplication, nsIVariant* *_retval)
  nsresult rv = CallCreateInstance("@mozilla.org/variant;1", _retval);
  if (NS_FAILED(rv))
    return rv;
  nsCAutoString fileURLSpec;
  NS_GetURLSpecFromFile(aApplication, fileURLSpec);
  nsCAutoString iconURLSpec; iconURLSpec.AssignLiteral("moz-icon://");
  iconURLSpec += fileURLSpec;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIWritableVariant> writable(do_QueryInterface(*_retval));
  return NS_OK;

nsMIMEInfoWin::GetProperty(const nsAString& aName, nsIVariant* *_retval)
  nsresult rv = NS_ERROR_FAILURE;
  if (mDefaultApplication && aName.EqualsLiteral(PROPERTY_DEFAULT_APP_ICON_URL))
    rv = GetIconURLVariant(mDefaultApplication, _retval);
  else if (mPreferredApplication && aName.EqualsLiteral(PROPERTY_CUSTOM_APP_ICON_URL))
    rv = GetIconURLVariant(mPreferredApplication, _retval);
  return rv;