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#ifndef mozilla_layers_ActiveElementManager_h
#define mozilla_layers_ActiveElementManager_h

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsISupportsImpl.h"

class CancelableTask;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {
class Element;
class EventTarget;
} // namespace dom

namespace layers {

 * Manages setting and clearing the ':active' CSS pseudostate in the presence
 * of touch input.
class ActiveElementManager {


   * Specify the target of a touch. Typically this should be called right
   * after HandleTouchStart(), but in cases where the APZ needs to wait for
   * a content response the HandleTouchStart() may be delayed, in which case
   * this function can be called first.
   * |aTarget| may be nullptr.
  void SetTargetElement(dom::EventTarget* aTarget);
   * Handle a touch-start state notification from APZ. This notification
   * may be delayed until after touch listeners have responded to the APZ.
   * @param aCanBePan whether the touch can be a pan
  void HandleTouchStart(bool aCanBePan);
   * Handle the start of panning.
  void HandlePanStart();
   * Handle a touch-end or touch-cancel event.
   * @param aWasClick whether the touch was a click
  void HandleTouchEndEvent(bool aWasClick);
   * Handle a touch-end state notification from APZ. This notification may be
   * delayed until after touch listeners have responded to the APZ.
  void HandleTouchEnd();
   * @return true iff the currently active element (or one of its ancestors)
   * actually had a style for the :active pseudo-class. The currently active
   * element is the root element if no other elements are active.
  bool ActiveElementUsesStyle() const;
   * The target of the first touch point in the current touch block.
  nsCOMPtr<dom::Element> mTarget;
   * Whether the current touch block can be a pan. Set in HandleTouchStart().
  bool mCanBePan;
   * Whether mCanBePan has been set for the current touch block.
   * We need to keep track of this to allow HandleTouchStart() and
   * SetTargetElement() to be called in either order.
  bool mCanBePanSet;
   * A task for calling SetActive() after a timeout.
  CancelableTask* mSetActiveTask;
   * See ActiveElementUsesStyle() documentation.
  bool mActiveElementUsesStyle;

  // Helpers
  void TriggerElementActivation();
  void SetActive(dom::Element* aTarget);
  void ResetActive();
  void ResetTouchBlockState();
  void SetActiveTask(dom::Element* aTarget);
  void CancelTask();

} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* mozilla_layers_ActiveElementManager_h */