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#ifndef nsXBLWindowKeyHandler_h__
#define nsXBLWindowKeyHandler_h__

#include "nsWeakPtr.h"
#include "nsIDOMEventListener.h"

class nsIAtom;
class nsIDOMElement;
class nsIDOMKeyEvent;
class nsXBLSpecialDocInfo;
class nsXBLPrototypeHandler;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {
class Element;
class EventTarget;
struct IgnoreModifierState;
} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

class nsXBLWindowKeyHandler : public nsIDOMEventListener
  typedef mozilla::dom::IgnoreModifierState IgnoreModifierState;

  nsXBLWindowKeyHandler(nsIDOMElement* aElement, mozilla::dom::EventTarget* aTarget);


  virtual ~nsXBLWindowKeyHandler();

  nsresult WalkHandlers(nsIDOMKeyEvent* aKeyEvent, nsIAtom* aEventType);

  // walk the handlers, looking for one to handle the event
  bool WalkHandlersInternal(nsIDOMKeyEvent* aKeyEvent,
                            nsIAtom* aEventType,
                            nsXBLPrototypeHandler* aHandler,
                            bool aExecute,
                            bool* aOutReservedForChrome = nullptr);

  // walk the handlers for aEvent, aCharCode and aIgnoreModifierState. Execute
  // it if aExecute = true.
  bool WalkHandlersAndExecute(nsIDOMKeyEvent* aKeyEvent, nsIAtom* aEventType,
                              nsXBLPrototypeHandler* aHandler,
                              uint32_t aCharCode,
                              const IgnoreModifierState& aIgnoreModifierState,
                              bool aExecute,
                              bool* aOutReservedForChrome = nullptr);

  // HandleEvent function for the capturing phase.
  void HandleEventOnCapture(nsIDOMKeyEvent* aEvent);

  // Check if any handler would handle the given event. Optionally returns
  // whether the command handler for the event is marked with the "reserved"
  // attribute.
  bool HasHandlerForEvent(nsIDOMKeyEvent* aEvent,
                          bool* aOutReservedForChrome = nullptr);

  // lazily load the handlers. Overridden to handle being attached
  // to a particular element rather than the document
  nsresult EnsureHandlers();

  // check if the given handler cares about the given key event
  bool EventMatched(nsXBLPrototypeHandler* aHandler, nsIAtom* aEventType,
                    nsIDOMKeyEvent* aEvent, uint32_t aCharCode,
                    const IgnoreModifierState& aIgnoreModifierState);

  // Is an HTML editable element focused
  bool IsHTMLEditableFieldFocused();

  // Returns the element which was passed as a parameter to the constructor,
  // unless the element has been removed from the document. Optionally returns
  // whether the disabled attribute is set on the element (assuming the element
  // is non-null).
  already_AddRefed<mozilla::dom::Element> GetElement(bool* aIsDisabled = nullptr);
  // Using weak pointer to the DOM Element.
  nsWeakPtr              mWeakPtrForElement;
  mozilla::dom::EventTarget* mTarget; // weak ref

  // these are not owning references; the prototype handlers are owned
  // by the prototype bindings which are owned by the docinfo.
  nsXBLPrototypeHandler* mHandler;     // platform bindings
  nsXBLPrototypeHandler* mUserHandler; // user-specific bindings

  // holds document info about bindings
  static nsXBLSpecialDocInfo* sXBLSpecialDocInfo;
  static uint32_t sRefCnt;

NS_NewXBLWindowKeyHandler(nsIDOMElement* aElement,
                          mozilla::dom::EventTarget* aTarget);